How to resize a photo without losing quality

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Much of the blame for this widespread use of photos lies with mobile devices, social networks and messaging apps. The whole set has achieved that at this time millions of users make their own captures, retouch them and save them. Then they may share them on a social network, or send them to friends and family.

In this way, all types of users use programs that help them in all this, that is, to improve their own photos. It is true that here also the developers of these programs, since they try to facilitate these tasks as far as possible. There are some types of work in this regard that can be considered as more complex than others. At the same time, we find treatments that are both basic and widely extended.

This is the case, for example, of which we want to talk to you in these same lines. In particular, we are not referring to the possibility of changing the size of a Photo or resize it, but without losing quality in it.

Make photos smaller while maintaining their quality

After what has been said, many of us consider ourselves accustomed to dealing with images in a habitual and effective way. But of course, that is why surely on more than one occasion we have needed to be able to reduce the size of the images, but without losing quality. For example to be part of a larger project such as a website or design work. The same happens if we are going to send them or share them with others, since in these cases, the smaller they are, the better we can do it.

In this way, what we achieve is to reduce your weight to the level of file, but keeping the original quality of the photo as such. Well, at this point we will tell you that for this we can use different programs, some more complex than others. These are necessary to resize the photos without losing any quality with respect to the original. Something that we must bear in mind is that when working with photos, we often need to change their size. But of course, whether we are going to increase it or if we are going to reduce it, what we do not want under any circumstances, is that its quality is damaged.

Therefore, to help us in this, there are several editors whose features include the ability to resize images. In this way, what we achieve is to use the corresponding function to achieve a optimal result, as is the case at hand now. Let’s see how to reduce the size of photos while maintaining their quality with some of the most popular applications.

Reduce a photo with Photoshop

There is no doubt that one of the most powerful proposals in this regard, in the photo editing sector, is found in the program of Adobe. Therefore, and how could it be otherwise, this is an application that, among many other functions that it presents to us from the outset, allows us to reduce the size of photos considerably. From here, as it is one of the most complete proposals on the market, we have several methods with which to achieve it.

The first thing we do here is open the image we want to work with to reduce its size significantly. Once we have the image on the work desk, we can reduce its dimensions quickly and directly. It is enough that, for example, we make it smaller from the Image / Image size menu option. Here we can already establish smaller dimensions to reduce the weight of the file.

Photoshop image size

But that is not all we can do from this powerful solution, but we also recommend that you look at the File / Export / Save for Web menu. In the window that appears, we can now optimize the degree of compression to significantly reduce the final size of the file.

Save for web Photoshop

Reduce the size of a photo in GIMP

For many users around the world, the free alternative of Photoshop it is GIMP, a very powerful open source project that will be very helpful with photos. Thus, when reducing the size of an image file, this proposal also gives us the opportunity to reduce its dimensions. This is something that we achieve from the Image / Scale Image menu.

scale gimp size photo

At the same time, from the window that appears in that case, in addition to the size itself, in order to be a little more effective, we can also modify other parameters. Here we refer to modifying its resolution, something that we do not recommend lowering too much, and its interpolation.

Increase the size of a photo with the same quality

In this case we must bear in mind that the process we are talking about here is somewhat more delicate if we do not want to lose quality in the photos, but they do want them to be larger. That is why here we may have to make use of a series of somewhat more specific solutions for this, as we are going to see. With everything and with this and thanks largely to the software solutions that we have today, as we are going to teach you


In the first place, we find this web application that, as its name suggests, helps us to increase the size of our photos. For this, all we have to do is access its official website through this link and upload the image in question from the Browse button. The curious thing about this alternative is that from its user interface we can already specify the output parameters of the resulting file.

ImageEnlarger photo size

In this way, we only have to fill in the fields which are exposed here to increase the size of the original image. In addition, as their own developers let us know, they use a method by means of which we do not lose quality in the image or produce the annoying noise.

Let’s Enhance

On the other hand, we find this other powerful proposal, although this is not free like the previous one, but it does have a trial period. It should be mentioned that this is a web application that uses Artificial Intelligence to enlarge the image up to four times its original size without affecting its quality. In addition, during the enlargement process the images maintain and even gain some sharpness thanks to an internal function that eliminates artifacts in the files.

For its use we need to create a personal account, and then upload the original file. Just drag it to the application interface. Once loaded, the original dimensions and size will appear on the screen, and the resulting one, that simple, all from this same link (

Lets Enhance size photos

Photoshop Super Resolution

It is also worth making known here the so-called function Super resolution that we can use again in the aforementioned Adobe Photoshop to resize a photo. This functionality has a behavior similar to that of the digital zoom of the cameras. In addition, to function in the best possible way, Super Resolution makes use of the AI ​​platform of the firm itself, Adobe Sensei.

With all this, what is achieved is to double the horizontal and vertical resolution of an image, considerably increasing its size, but without loss of quality. To say that this is something that we achieve with all kinds of file formats, including RAW and for this we use the Adobe Camera RAW application that is implemented in Photoshop itself.

Therefore, in order to use this functionality in the most comfortable way possible, we open the file with the aforementioned Adobe Camera RAW Photoshop. Once the photo is loaded on the work desk, we click with the right mouse button on it and select the Enhance option.

super resolution function

At that moment, a new window will appear in which we can start Super Resolution just by checking the corresponding box. Say this is a process that might take a few seconds to resize the photo.