How to report a problem to Facebook: all options

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Facebook report problem

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. At present it counts with more than 2,000 million registered users. With such a high number of users, it is not uncommon for there to be problems on occasion in its operation or for inappropriate content to be uploaded. For this reason, many users seek to know how to report a problem to Facebook when this is necessary.

We are going to talk to you about this below. Since we are going to tell how to report a problem to FacebookIn the event that you come across any situation that you consider it is necessary to report to the social network. We have a series of options to do this, so surely there are some that fit the situation that you have encountered when using the social network and that you want to report.

The social network leaves us with various options depending on the type of problem that we want to report. So if you are looking to know how to report a problem to Facebook, you have to consider the type of problem that you have detected, and then select a specific option in this process. While all the options are very simple to use.

Report a problem or bug to Facebook

Facebook report problem

If something does not work well on Facebook, the most normal thing is that it is solved quickly and everything works normally again. Unfortunately, sometimes this problem continues to be present after a while, being annoying when using the social network. In these cases, we then seek to inform the social network about it. The social network allows us to report problems that we have detected at all times, so that they are going to analyze if there really is a problem and then put a solution to it in case this fault is still present. The best thing in these situations is to report these types of bugs from your desktop version. The steps we have to follow in this case are:

  1. Open your Facebook account from the browser.
  2. Then click on the upper right corner of the web page, on the icon of an inverted triangle.
  3. Go to the Help and assistance option in the menu that appears on the screen.
  4. Click on the option to Report a problem.
  5. Wait for a floating box to appear on the screen.
  6. In the box that appears, click on the option An error has occurred.
  7. Next we have to click on the drop-down box located just below How can we improve to select which is the problem that we have found in the application. In the section Details We add a brief description of the problem and if we can, it is possible to add a screenshot or a video where it is shown in error.
  8. Click on Send to receive that report on Facebook.
  9. Wait for them to confirm that they have received that report.

The most common when doing this is that the social network notify that they have received that request or report that we have sent. Although they do not usually send a specific answer where they indicate if that failure that we have reported has been solved. Therefore, you should not be waiting for Facebook to send you a specific or personal response, since they do not. If there was a bug and they have fixed it, then you can see that the bug is gone, but that’s it.

Report abusive behavior


One of the big problems on the platform are behaviors considered inappropriate or abusive. Many users who want to know how to report a problem to Facebook, it is usually something related to user behavior on the platform. The social network also has very clear rules regarding content, so it is important to know what is accepted and what is not accepted in it. There is a list where those contents or behaviors that are not accepted are specified:

  • Invitation to violence.
  • Organization of harmful acts.
  • Frauds and scams.
  • Suicides or self-harm (inciting to commit suicide).
  • Sexual exploitation, abuse or nudity of minors.
  • Sexual exploitation of adults.
  • Bullying and harassment.
  • White slave traffic.
  • Privacy violations and image privacy rights.
  • Language that incites hatred (against certain religious groups, due to sexual orientation, ideals …).
  • Graphic and violent content.
  • Nudity and adult sexual activity.
  • Sex services.
  • Spam
  • Terrorism.
  • Fake news.
  • Manipulated multimedia content (Deepfakes or any other content such as photos that have been manipulated to send a false message).

These are contents that many users find on occasion when browsing the social network, most of you surely have seen something that belongs to these categories on occasion. There may be some content that you want to report, because you consider that it belongs to these categories and therefore should not be on the social network. For this there are a series of steps to follow.

Report content

Facebook dark mode

The most common is that we go to see this type of content in a publication on the social network. Either a photo or video that a person or some group or page has uploaded or that we see that one of our contacts has commented or liked and is seen in our feed when we enter our account, for example. To be able to report this type of content, the steps we have to follow are:

  1. Go to the original publication that you have seen and that you consider is against the rules of the platform.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots to the right of that publication.
  3. A context menu appears on the screen.
  4. Click on the option Get help or report publication.
  5. The social network shows a list with options:
    1. Nudes
    2. Violence
    3. Bullying
    4. Suicide or self harm
    5. False information
    6. Spam
    7. Unauthorized sales
    8. Hate speech
    9. Terrorism
    10. Another problem.
  6. Select the reason you are reporting this specific post.
  7. Submit the complaint.

Facebook is going to study this complaint that you have made about that content. It will then be checked and determined if this publication is against the rules of the platform. In many cases we receive a notification once this problem has been studied, although we do not always know if they have made the decision to remove this content or not. It is something that we can easily check as we can search for the original post and see if it is still available or not. The process in general can take several days, so it can take several days until it is permanently eliminated from the social network.

Fake or stolen accounts


A fake or stolen account is another of the most common problems on Facebook. We may have seen this and want to report it to the social network. This is something that can refer to our own account, if for example someone hacked it, but also if there is an account that we know is false. This may be because they are posing as someone else (who we may know) or the person has seen their account stolen and no longer has access to it. In all these cases we will be allowed to report this to the social network.

In these types of situations, we have a series of steps available to follow with which to report this stolen or false account. No matter what the case is, the steps we have to follow on Facebook to report said account are:

  1. Open Facebook on your device.
  2. Find the profile you want to report on the platform.
  3. Below the cover photo we can see that there is a three-point icon.
  4. Click on that icon.
  5. Click on the option Search for help or report profile.
  6. Provide the information requested to reinforce this report to the social network.
  7. When you have completed the steps, click Submit.

Now the only thing left for us to do is wait for the social network to analyze this complaint. The normal thing is that we will receive a notification after a few days. In that notification we will be informed that this report has been analyzed and that they have taken action in this regard. For privacy reasons, the social network will not tell us what decision they have made, but if we see that that profile has disappeared, we already know what the social network has done about it and that they have taken actions against that profile. Or if you have regained access to your stolen account.

If we are going to report an account on Facebook, you have to provide information that is helpful to close that profile. Since it is something that is taken seriously, but in many cases it cannot be demonstrated. Therefore, if we have evidence or information that we believe may be helpful for the social network in this regard, we have to provide it. This is something that will help them to close that profile or help us regain access to our account, for example, in case our Facebook account has been stolen.