How to reorder messy gallery photos

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This movement of images from one folder to another can result in us not being able to find the most recent photos, or even worse, in their chronological order. Although it may not seem like it, it is a serious problem, because we store so many multimedia files that looking for something in particular is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Why is this clutter created in your Android gallery

An interesting aspect is to know the reason why this disorder is created, and therefore, this vital problem. It is not usually manifested in many applications, since most use the photo system to sort the photos. EXIF metadata, which is a set of information that is included with each photograph such as the date of creation or modification, the ISO values ​​or even the location.

However, sometimes some galleries such as Google Photos or Instagram can get confused and place an old photo as recent, since it has only taken into account the modification date. Therefore, if we move large amounts of photos, we will see all those images at the beginning of the gallery.

How to reorder gallery photos

If you suffer from this problem, you should know that there is an application to solve this disorder. And the arrangement is not going to be what many people think, which is cut and paste the photo to the place where it came from. It is a mistake, because it will not disappear from the most recent ones. The option that remains is to use an application that does this job and returns all the waters to its course. An application specifically designed for this situation is Gallery dates. It’s free with a big but: just fix 50 free photos. To use it without limits, it is necessary to pay 1.89 euros.

dates gallery how to reorder photos

If we are going to extract a lot of performance, it is a fairly affordable and justifiable investment, but you should know that it is not 100% effective. Basically what it does is try to find out if the date of a photo or video is correct If not, suggest what date it is. It does this by using a variety of methods, such as trying to identify whether the file includes the date in its name.

After opening the app, it analyzes the Android media storage and shows you, in the tab »Bad Date » those that you feel need to be corrected. It is advisable to manually select those photos or videos that we want to relocate, rather than doing it with all the files that the app detects, especially those that have a giant “Perhaps (or not)” superimposed.

dates gallery reorder photos

Select the photos and videos to which you want to fix the date and, in the first tab of the application, press Restore Average Date. The result may be different, depending on the version of Android to which the terminal belongs, since, as we say, this function has been improved over time. This is the effect of the app in each version:

  • In versions prior to Android 5: fix android media storage, but cannot change file dates or EXIF.
  • From Android 5 to Android 7: fix Android storage and EXIF ​​dates of photos.
  • From Android 8 to Android 9: is when the app is most complete. Modify the media storage, EXIF, and date of files.
  • With Android 10 or higher: Android does not allow apps to edit media storage anymore, so change the EXIF ​​and wait for the media storage to update itself.
Reorder gallery after copying files
Reorder gallery after copying files