How to remove the headset mode from your Android mobile

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remove headset mode

We all know that when you go to connect a headset to an Android mobile phone, the phone automatically notices and totally changes the operation of the device’s audio. At that moment everything happens to be directed to the headphones themselves and you will not hear anything through the speakers of course. The problem comes when this is activated inadvertently and you are not able to remove earphone mode from your mobile phone. Unfortunately this is a fairly common failure and you may be suffering from it right now. The phone thinks that the headphones are still connected and you start to miss calls among other annoyances for not ringing.

Normally the Android versions bring improvements, sometimes not so many, but in anything in Android 7, Google introduced a change in which if the mobile phone has the headphones connected you will see a small logo or symbol at the top of the screen. If you have this fault in the phone, you will have it active even without them, therefore it is great for us to know it, although you would probably realize it sooner. Worst of all, if this happens, calls are going to be compromised too, so to speak. Because the phone thinks that your microphone right now is the headphones, and no, we don’t have them connected.

Luckily for you, in most cases it is something that is solved at the software level or with small and simple methods that we will now tell you about. It is rarely due to a software glitch but should not be ruled out. Therefore, without further delay, we are going to teach you the different methods to remove the headset mode on your mobile phone Android. Let’s go there.

How to remove the headset mode on a mobile phone if you do not have the headphones connected?

As we always tell you, the order of the list does not mean that it is from best to worst, but it may be that, for example, the first one that we are going to list is the simplest and the one that you should have already tried by logic. But it could always have escaped. So if you see that it is not solving, keep going down in solutions and if you do not find any, you can leave us more information about the problem in the comment box that you will find at the bottom of the page.

Try restarting your mobile phone

restart mobile

As in all softwares and operating systems, a reboot on time never hurts. In fact in Android this can be applied even more since it is often quite saturated and more if we have a mid-range or low-end mobile phone. Surely on more than one occasion with your personal computer you have rebooted and the problem has been solved. Well, you should try right now, that’s why we told you that this was the logical solution.

If the headphone icon is still there at the top of the screen when you restart the mobile phone, it will be necessary to continue descending in the list of methods. We have been unlucky.

Repeatedly plug and unplug the headphones

It is still another basic method but it can work perfectly. Try plugging and unplugging your headphones a few times, and if you see the logo at the top of the screen disappear, congratulations. It may be that even after the reboot doing this is fine, so the software that detects the input and output of the hardware is cooler. If, after connecting and disconnecting a few times at the 3.5 mm jack plug, it still does not work, we will move on to another method.

Clean the headphone jack connection on the phone

clean jack

You may always have your mobile phone in your pocket, or for whatever reason it has caught dust. Simply this may not even be your fault and that with the passage of time different remains have been introduced into the 3.5 mm jack connection of our phone. That is why we will try to clean it before doing anything else.

To clean it you can do as it has been done all your life, blow hard into the jack hole. It may also be that a small alcohol swab fits and that you get to clean even the nozzle a little. Or if all this does not work you can buy a compressed air canister in any store or online store so that, as they come with a toothpick, you can insert it into the hole and pressure clean the area. All methods that do not harm the area are welcome in the comments.

Restore the mobile phone to leave it factory


We know that this solution hurts the soul, and that it involves making backup copies among other things. It may even imply connecting the mobile phone to the PC to download data and multimedia files, or that you even need a new SD to save all this, but it is also the quick solution. Before doing anything, before trying to repair it by paying or sending it to the brand’s technical service, we recommend that you do the reset. The backup copies is up to you, everyone will know, but We notify you that all the data you have will be erased stored in the mobile phone.

If after this it does not work, we will have to check hardware.

Replace headphone jack or service

Here it depends on how handy you are, but on the Internet and on YouTube you will find many tutorials in which they will guide you step by step to change the headphone jack. In this way, operating with open heart (although you are only touching an unimportant part of the phone) you may be able to remove the headset mode at once. If there is no money to pay for technical service and the warranty does not cover anything, we recommend that you do a simple search and find tutorials. Although the best, obviously, is that take your smartphone for repair to an official technical service Of the brand.

In any case, we hope that you were able to remove the headset mode and that thanks to this article it was solved. Any questions or suggestions you can leave it in the comment box. See you in the next Android Help article.