How to remove people and objects from photos on Android

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Thanks to the integrated camera of mobile devices, it is possible to take a multitude of photos with great ease. However, surely not all photos are as you expected. One of the most frequent problems that you have probably encountered when capturing your memories is the appearance of unwanted objects. Maybe you took a good portrait, but behind it there is a person who was passing by at that time. Or maybe when photographing a building there are streetlights or cables in between. Is there a solution? In this article we show you two ways to remove elements from your images without complications.

Remove objects from a photo with Snapseed

The first method that we show you in this article uses all the power included in Snapseed, a photo editor developed by Google that you can download for free.

Once your application is installed on your mobile phone, click on the button More (+) to open an image.

Open a new photoOpen a new photo

In the gallery, choose the photo you want to remove objects from. Then, click on Tools to see all editing tools.

Open toolboxOpen toolbox

In the selector, tap on Healing to start the image checker.

Correction toolCorrection tool

With your finger, mark the object you want to delete.

Select objectSelect object

Snapseed will immediately remove the object and fill the gap with a texture very similar to the surrounding background.

Object erased in the photoObject erased in the photo

Repeat the process as many times as necessary to erase all unwanted objects from the photo. When you’re done, tap Export.

Export Image Export Image

In the list of options, choose the type of export you want.

Select export channelSelect export channel

If you save the photo in the internal memory of the device, it will be visible from the gallery application or Google Photos.

Remove objects from an image with PicsArt

A good alternative to Snapseed is PicsArt. It is also free and, thanks to its cloning tool, you will get very similar results. The first thing you have to do is install it on your device. Use the download link on this page to get the PicsArt APK file.

Then open it and press All Photos to view all photos.

See all photosSee all photos

In the gallery, select the image.

Select an imageSelect an image

Then, click on Tools and choose the tool Clone.

Cloning toolCloning tool

Use your finger to select the area you want to clone. It is recommended that you choose a part of the image with the same texture as the supposed background that must be under the object. In this case, we have selected a sandy area that will be located above the bathers.

Select a point to cloneSelect a point to clone

Tap on the pen and slide your finger over the object. In our case, PicsArt cloned the sand area that we selected earlier.

Remove the object from the imageRemove the object from the image

When finished, press the button okay.

Save changesSave changes

Then use the export function to save the file or share it.

Download the image to the phoneDownload the image to the phone

Other apps to edit photos on Android

These are just two examples of applications that will help you remove objects from your photos on Android. However, at Malavida we have a large collection of image editing tools that you can download to your device for free. Take a look at the complete list of the best apps to edit photos and images to find the editor that best suits your needs.