How to remove keyboard vibration and notifications on Android

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When we have a new phone in hand, it vibrates for absolutely everything: when you touch the screen, when you receive notifications, when you type on the keyboard … at first it seems that you can live with these notices, but over time they end up becoming something incredibly annoying (and that can give you a good scare at any time, but that’s another topic). Can anything be done to fix it? Of course yes: completely remove vibration from the keyboard and notifications on your Android terminal.

How to turn off keyboard vibration

The way to remove keyboard vibration varies depending on the device we are using, It does not proceed in the same way in the keyboards designed by the manufacturers as in Gboard or in SwiftKey, two of the most used Android keyboards due to their ability to reliably predict words, their ability to learn from the user and their intelligent auto-correction systems .

If you do not use either of these two applications but the version stock that came pre-installed with your phone, the process to disable keyboard vibration will vary depending on the manufacturer, although it will always be similar. For example, in the case of Xiaomi mobiles you will have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the route Settings> Additional settings.
  • Tap on Language and text input.
  • Then in Manage keyboards > Settings> Preferences.
  • Deactivate the section Tactile feedback when pressing keys.

Natively, a large number of manufacturers have chosen to adopt Gboard and SwitftKey for their devices; fewer and fewer have their own keyboard application. It is also possible that you made the change yourself. Let’s see how to disable those vibrations in both keyboard apps.

How to turn off the vibration of Gboard

Gboard is the keyboard developed by Google, present in many devices and adopted by many manufacturers. Without a doubt it is one of the best alternatives in the matter and it deserves a separate explanation in this of deactivating annoying vibrations.

First, open an application where you have to use the keyboard and click on the gear that appears on the screen:

Access to Gboard settingsAccess to Gboard settings

You will access the Gboard settings. There, click on preferences:

Preferences menu in Gboard settingsPreferences menu in Gboard settings

We make scroll all the way down. We arrived at the section Keystroke, where we will have to click on the sliders to deactivate the vibration (and the sound, if you also wanted to do it):

Gboard vibration offGboard vibration off

How to remove keyboard vibration on SwiftKey

SwiftKey is another of the popular keyboards on Android, a tool first independent and then acquired by Microsoft, which gives a good account of its potential. If you want to give it a try right here we offer it to you.

Removing the vibration on SwiftKey is even easier. Open the app on the keyboard and tap Sound and vibration:

Access to Sound and Vibration in SwiftKey SettingsAccess to Sound and Vibration in SwiftKey Settings

Again, click on the sliders to deactivate everything:

SwiftKey vibration offSwiftKey vibration off

And voila, we will have already deactivated the touch response of SwiftKey.

How to remove vibration from notifications

Removing the vibration from notifications on Android is more complicated than removing the one from the keyboard. It’s not exactly complicated, either, but it is tedious. What do we mean? Very simple: the vibration of the keyboard can be removed in a general way, with notifications it is not the same.

Suppose you want to remove the vibration from WhatsApp notifications. You can do it, but through the application itself and not from a specific general setting of the system. To do this, go to Settings> Notifications in the same app and press on vibration:

WhatsApp notification optionsWhatsApp notification options

From Default, change it to Deactivated so that every message that reaches WhatsApp does not make your phone vibrate.

Vibration of WhatsApp notifications disabledVibration of WhatsApp notifications disabled

For each application whose notifications you want to stop vibrating, you will have to manually deactivate it one by one.

How to turn off vibration on your entire phone

Another option to take into account is to deactivate the vibration in the entire terminal, in general. To do so, first of all, we tap on Vibrate on calls and we select Never vibrate.

Vibration and sound settings on AndroidVibration and sound settings on Android

Then we do scroll towards the bottom of the screen, to the section Other sounds and vibrations, where we will disable everything.

Android vibration offAndroid vibration off

However, this process is not unique for all manufacturers. For example, in the particular case of Xiaomi we will have to enter Settings> Sound and vibration. Once in there, we look for the section Vibrate and we touch on all the sliders so that they are deactivated.

Xiaomi vibration offXiaomi vibration off

Think that depending on the manufacturer of your terminal, the model and the ROM that is installed in your phone, the location of some of these menus could change, but the process to deactivate the vibration in all your device is very similar in all phones Android.