How to remove audio from video on Android

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Muting a video on Android is a simple task. It is possible that at some point a private conversation slipped into you while recording a recording and now you want to delete audio track. We have prepared this guide to help you remove the sound from a video from your Android device. We explain it to you in two different ways.

How to mute a video with Google Photos

The first method that we propose is one of the simplest and most recommended. Google Photos It is an application that is installed on most devices and, in addition, it has no cost. Therefore, to mute a video with it, you will not have to install an additional tool or make any payment.

The first step is to locate the video in your gallery. Click on it to open it.

Select video in gallerySelect video in gallery

Next, tap on the button Edit to see the editing options.

Edit a videoEdit a video

Press the speaker button to mute the video audio.

Mute videoMute video

Save the video as a copy. In this way, you will have both versions, the one with audio and the one without.

save a copy of the videosave a copy of the video

Wait for Google Photos to export the video and that’s it. You have already removed the sound from your video.

How to remove audio from a video with VivaCut

VivaCut is a video editor that you can download for free on your Android device. Do so by clicking on the download button that you will see on this page. Unfortunately, it has some limitations that you should be aware of. For starters, it only allows you to edit up to a maximum of 5 minutes of video. Also, add a watermark during export.

If we propose this application to you, it is because it adds a long list of editing functions to the process. For example, you can join more than two videos, cut fragments and add transitions. In the event that you are looking for a powerful tool that can be used for advanced editing, in addition to silencing a video, VivaCut it is highly recommended.

Start by clicking on Create.

Create new projectCreate new project

Choose the video from the gallery.

Select videosSelect videos

Add as many videos as you want and press Next.

Open new projectOpen new project

Press on the video you want to mute and tap on the speaker icon with the name Mute.

Mute VideosMute Videos

Tap on Export to export your muted video.

Export muted videosExport muted videos

Select the resolution of the exported video. If you want to export in 1080p, view the ad.

Select resolutionSelect resolution

When finished, you will have your video muted.

Other apps to edit videos on Android

Google Photos and VivaCut are two interesting options to mute videos. But they are not the only applications you will find on Android. Take a look at our repository to find the best video editing apps and download them for free.