How to remove ads from games and apps on Android

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Any mobile application or game has two ways of being profitable for its developers. The first is to directly make your app for payment, which forces us to go to the checkout to use it. The second is to distribute the app for free by including ads in it or by casting optional in-app purchases. Be that as it may, not everyone is willing to pay or swallow with the ads, which in fact are practically in any free app or game.

If you are one of those users who do not want to be bombarded with invasive ads that make it difficult to enjoy the application and who are looking for the easy click that will redirect us to another page or download, you are interested in what we are going to tell you. We will explain in the simplest way possible how remove advertising from any application downloaded to our smartphone or tablet with all possible ways. Go ahead, there are no miracle solutions and that we are totally against software and app piracy.

In the past, there were applications that in a very simple way allowed to simulate integrated purchases, among them those that make it possible to remove banners and advertisements from the interface of an app or game. They were based on deceiving Google Play into believing that the purchase had been paid when in fact it was not. Examples of this were applications such as AppSara or Leo PlayCard. Of course, they stopped working and currently there is no similar one that works that does not require root.

Remove ads from Android games and apps with root

Also in the past there have been apps that promised to remove ads while root the device. However, practically all of them have become obsolete and do not work as they should, cases such as Freedom or CreeHack. But all is not lost, one of them still offers satisfactory results today and remains stoic in the face of adversity.

Lucky Patcher is one of the most popular apps for modifying apps and games, offering a wide range of possibilities. It is a whole swiss army knife with varied functions and of dubious ethics that you will not be able to find in Google Play and that possibly sets off the security alarms of your device, so you must be cautious with its use.

Keep in mind that it works on devices without root and root, but only in the second case we have been able to confirm that it works really for the purpose we seek to remove ads. Quite possibly, if you try to do this without being the root user of the device, none of this would work and you may not even be able to see the same options. In fact, during the process you will most likely have to give specific Lucky Patcher root access permissions regardless of the device being rooted.

As usual you will have to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources and bypass the Play Protect lock if it is activated in your general security settings. After installation, we open the application and we find a very dark interface (what did you expect from an application like this?) Where the applications installed on our mobile are listed. Find the app or game you want to patch and click on its entry. A menu of options will be displayed just below. Select Menu of Patches.

Access to the patch menuAccess to the patch menu

One of the options is Remove Google Ads, which is the one that interests you at this moment. Another tap on her.

Ad OptionsAd Options

A new pop-up window will allow you to select exactly what type of advertising you want to remove, you just have to click on the option that suits your interests.

Select the ads to removeSelect the ads to remove

After a few seconds Lucky Patcher will have worked its magic and you can open the app or game you want to check if everything has worked correctly. The app is not foolproof, and the trial and error method will be the usual, since it is impossible to guarantee the effectiveness in all the apps and their different versions, all the games, all the operating systems, all the devices …

Final result of the modificationFinal result of the modification

In the case that we have just seen, we have been able to directly modify the already installed file, but in other cases it might be necessary to clone the app or game, creating a new modified APK that will have to be installed over the previous version to be able to enjoy its content without ads. .

Block advertising in the browser when searching the Internet

The main purpose of this article is to explain what ways there are to remove ads and ads in apps and games. However, there is a specific app where it can be very interesting to remove these ads and apps: the web browser. The Internet is full of banners that can make your experience visiting a website a real living hell.

Luckily, there are several ways to remove, block and avoid online ads, either by using different specific applications for that purpose in the browser, adjusting various general settings that will indirectly achieve this task, or by resorting to other apps that attack the problem in the entire operating system. Check out our guide to block advertising in the browser when searching the internet and you can expand a little more your available options to kick capitalism in the ass from your brand new mobile. You will surely find a way to make your digital life a little easier and simpler.

How to remove ads legally

Now that you know the most effective way to stop an app or game from showing ads and what it entails, are you still interested? As you have seen, the only effective solution is to use Lucky Patcher and be root, which is a process that is also difficult and can make you lose the warranty of the phone or tablet, if it has one. Maybe it’s all a matter of changing your perspective.

Many of your favorite apps and games have very easy and legal ways to remove ads to allow users to enjoy their content without any hassle. And practically in all cases we talk about affordable prices that are available to anyone. The fastest, safest, legal, honest and sensible way To remove ads is to pay the creators for it. Possibly paying a few euros will be much more profitable than the time it will take to root your device (if you can do it) and the subsequent tests.

And if you are a root user or are willing to do it, and you really like that app or that game, why deny its developer a reward for their work and effort? Virtually all free apps that contain advertising offer us the possibility of eliminating these ads in a totally lawful way through an integrated purchase of a few euros.

You just have to look for the typical icon of a store or a shopping cart inside the application, and we will be redirected to the integrated shopping area from where we can get the version Pro or Premium without advertising, in addition to having access to other purchases such as the typical virtual currencies, customization options, various improvements, etc.