How to remap the keys of a Windows PC using the PowerToys

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How to remap the keys of a Windows PC using the PowerToys

It may be that at some point you have been interested in modifying the keys on your computer with which you access certain functions. A way to improve usability and optimize work, saving what can be valuable minutes. A process that you can carry out using the PowerToys.

The popular Microsoft toolkit now can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, allow among all the options the one that we can remap PC keys with Windows. We can change the way we access different functions of some of them with very few steps.

Choose the function for each key

Power 1

We can download the PowerToys from this link in the Microsoft Store or from this other link on Github, where version 0.47.1 of the PowerToys appears. The installation process is very simple and in his day we already saw it, but to summarize it, it is enough to download the tool with the .msi extension if we use Github to open a window and start the installation process.

We will click on the button “Next”, we will choose where to install the tools and also if we want to create shortcuts. Click on the Install button to start the installation.

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With the PowerToys installed, just enter the menu “Setting” and in the left column we look at the section “Keyboard manager” on which we will click.

Power 3

At that point we click on the option that appears to the right of the box “Reassign a key” to remap the keys we want. A new window will open.

Power 2

A new window opens with a list that appears blank if we do not have remapped keys, which is what we are going to do. For that we must click on the “+” icon located at the bottom left.

Power 4

In this way we will start a new remapping so that we will see a window with two columns. In the left one we are going to select the key that we want to remap and in the right one we choose the functionality that we want the key to have from that moment on.

Power 5


Power 7

In this way we can change the functions of the keys of our PC and replace the functionalities with those that have left the factory. In addition, this method is an alternative to the own tools that each manufacturer can add to their computers.

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How to remap the keys of a Windows PC using the PowerToys

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How to remap the keys of a Windows PC using the PowerToys 1

How to remap the keys of a Windows PC using the PowerToys 2