How to reduce the weight of screenshots on Samsung

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Most Android users in Spain take a screenshot from time to time. If we do a lot, it is likely that these captures end up taking up a large amount of space on the phone. There are brands like Samsung that give us functions with which to make these screenshots take up less space on our smartphone.

Can configure certain aspects of these captures screen, like their format, reduces their weight and therefore the space they occupy on our Samsung smartphone. If you want to reduce its weight, there are a number of aspects that we can adjust on the phone.

Reduce the weight of your captures on Samsung

Reduce weight Samsung screenshots

Samsung gives us quite a few options to customize screenshots, as well as the screen recordings that we make. If we take captures or recordings on a regular basis, they end up taking up a large amount of space on the phone. A couple of simple adjustments to the phone can help us reduce its weight, so that it occupies less. The steps to follow in this case are:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Enter Advanced Features.
  3. Go to Screen Capture and Recording.
  4. Click on the capture format and select JPG (it weighs less than PNG).
  5. In video quality, select 480 or 720p, which take up less space than 1080p, if you don’t need to have the highest quality in your screen recordings.

These steps allow us to reduce the weight of the captures or recordings that we make on the phone. They are a couple of simple adjustments, such as the format of the capture, which in JPG weighs much less than in PNG (format that is used more in countries like the United States), which will have a great impact on the space they occupy on our smartphone.

The screen recordings we do at Samsung are something that will occupy more, so reduce the quality of such recordings it’s a fairly quick and straightforward way to make them take up less space on your phone. If at any time you want to record in the highest quality again, you will only have to change this setting again.

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