How to reduce Samsung advertising on Galaxy phones

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How to reduce Samsung advertising on Galaxy phones

Advertising is today a fundamental value for the growth of many companies and promotions come by all means. In the case of mobile phone manufacturers, and we already saw it with Xiaomi, with suggestions that appear in its customization layer, something we saw how to deactivate and that is what we are now going to see with Samsung phones.

And the Korean manufacturer is no stranger to this trend and it may be that, if you have used a Samsung mobile recently, you have noticed some suggestions that appear when you open the window of the notification bar or within some of your own apps. A personalized advertising that now let’s see how it can be dimmed.

See fewer suggestions


You may have seen some advertising appear on a Samsung Galaxy and although it is not something invasive and it can be annoying, perhaps you are interested in stopping seeing those ads. These are small banners that can appear as suggestions in your applications and notifications and whose visibility can be reduced, not impeded.

Also and before continuing, we must bear in mind that when logging in to any Samsung app, commercial communications must be unchecked If we do not want to receive advertising or that this app serves as a tool to monitor our tastes and use when determining the ads that we are going to receive.

The first thing you can check is if you have activated the box that allows you to receive personalized advertising based on your habits and your uses. This is something you can check by accessing the path “Settings” inside the phone and from there enter “Clouds and accounts” and then click on “Manage accounts”.


From all the configured ones we search and click on “Samsung Account” and then click on “My profile” and then in “Privacy” and in “Samsung Personalization Service”.


If you uncheck the box, what you will do is deactivate the personalization service, which makes the advertising that you see adjust to your tastes and the use you make of the mobile based on call history, message history, search data and location.


The negative point in this case is that “Routines” need access to personalization services and if you disable it, they will stop working.


This brings us to the second step, which is none other than clicking on “Custom applications”. There you will see all the applications that are likely to influence personalization and display advertising. If we click for example on “Galaxy Store” to deactivate it we will see a message that warns “You will stop receiving personalized content in Galaxy Store on all your devices “. It is an option, but not the only one.


On the screen relative to “Personalization services” You can see the section “Deactivate personalization services for all devices”, an option that may take up to 48 hours to activate. All of them options that will not prevent you from seeing advertising.


At that point, what you can do is turn off the notifications that the ads show in the Samsung apps. At this point what you can do is search in “Settings” and then in “Applications”, find the application that is showing the ad and then go into its notification settings.


If we take the Galaxy Store app as an example, we will see that within it we find the following “Galaxy Store Settings” and among them one called “Personalization services” where the tab appears active “Receive notifications and offers”. It is this that we must deactivate to stop seeing advertising when entering the app and repeat the process in all the applications that have this same way of proceeding.


By last, the extreme step is to disable notifications when they reach the phone, in which case it is enough to press and hold the notification and activate the corresponding box to stop receiving notifications from that application.

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How to reduce Samsung advertising on Galaxy phones

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