How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages (photos, videos and voice notes included) with WAMR

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How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages (photos, videos and voice notes included) with WAMR

WhatsApp has been allowing you for three years now delete sent messages for a short period of time. If the other person was looking at the conversation at the time, they may have read them before they were deleted, but if not, what they will read is This message was deleted.

Made the law, cheated, and since then a multitude of methods have appeared to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, with applications such as Auto RDM, from notification history or, in some cases, with the backup. One of the most complete apps to recover deleted messages is WAMR, which Besides recovering messages, it also recovers photos, videos and voice memos.

First, get it done

WAMR works the same as other similar applications and methods: is based on notifications of new WhatsApp messages. The application monitors WhatsApp notifications until it finds one about deleted content. By doing so, it remembers the previous message that was deleted.

To work, it requires a small previous configuration that is carried out from the welcome window. It is very simple, first you must choose which applications you want to monitor (WhatsApp) and then it will be your turn grant the necessary permissions for the operation of the app.


In order to recover multimedia elements such as photos, videos or voice memos, WAMR needs access to mobile storage, so that you can make a copy that you can see in case the other person deletes a photo or video. Also, WAMR needs permission to access mobile notifications.

In this same welcome window, WAMR reminds you some of the limitations which results in the way it works. They are as follows:

  • It only works in chats that send notifications. That is, not in muted, blocked chats or when you have configured your mobile so that notifications are not sent.

  • It only works if the mobile was turned on and WAMR was active during the entire process, from the moment it was sent until the message was deleted.

  • It does not work if you are currently with the chat open, because in that case WhatsApp does not send notifications.

  • To recover multimedia items such as photos, videos, or voice memos, they must be finished downloading before they are deleted by the other person.

  • Therefore, to recover multimedia elements you must have automatic download active or be connected with Wi-Fi.

Then to wait

At this point, WAMR goes to work, despite the fact that at first you can not appreciate anything different on the mobile. WhatsApp notifications will keep coming as usual.

The difference appears when someone deletes a WhatsApp message in a conversation, as you will receive a WAMR notification indicating that a message has been deleted and its content.


This notification will appear both for normal text messages and for photos, videos, stickers or voice messages, although it works something different depending on whether they are normal chats or multimedia elements. When WAMR detects that a photo or video has been deleted, try to recover it from your own copy.

Besides being able to see the messages deleted at the moment through the notification of WAMR, you can also see the entire conversation within WAMR. In the tab Notification history you will see all the latest WhatsApp notifications, being able to filter so that only deleted messages are displayed.

Deleted messages

Deleted multimedia elements, such as photos and videos, can be found in the tab Multimedia removed. In this case, they are not grouped by chats, and only the photos, videos and other elements that have been deleted are shown and not all. From the application itself, you can see the photos and play the voice clips, with a player traced to WhatsApp.

WAMR - Recover deleted messages, download status

WAMR – Recover deleted messages, download status

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How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages (photos, videos and voice notes included) with WAMR

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How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages (photos, videos and voice notes included) with WAMR 1

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages (photos, videos and voice notes included) with WAMR 2