How to recover deleted videos on Android

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We have the mobile phone always on top of us and we use its camera for everything from photographs to videos, also through video calls or video messages left to acquaintances. So the mobile has become, almost without realizing it, the storehouse of our memories and we usually carry them on our backs, and even edit them there. So when we delete one of them by mistake, the drama is served.

It has happened to all of us that we click on an icon on the screen that we should not touch at the most inopportune moment, and when that icon is the trash can, it is usual that we lose what we had in front of us. That’s why we are going to tell you how to recover those videos deleted by mistake on Android, or those that we knowingly delete and now regret having done so.

Does your mobile phone have a recycle bin?

Recently Deleted Recently deleted items on Huawei phones

We record a video that we want to keep and delete it accidentally. Drama. But perhaps there is a fairly simple way to recover it and that is to locate the recycle bin on your mobile phone, if your mobile phone has it. On Huawei, for example, it’s called “Recently Deleted”. If we have it, most likely our video is there and we just have to restore it. But hurry as the bins are usually deleted every few days.

If our gallery app doesn’t have a trash can, Google Photos does

Another place where there are usually recycling bins is in the photo gallery app that your phone has installed. It usually comes with the operating system and is often called simply Gallery. In them there are usually specific sections to access the recycle bin and from there we can restore the last deleted items willingly or unintentionally. In addition, they are usually the apps in charge of displaying the videos and images by default, so the logical thing is that we have pressed the Delete button in the same app that we can use to restore the video.

Android does not include a recycle bin per se, although it does include it in some of the apps that we have installed and that are owned by Google. Google Photos, for example, has a recycle bin and it can be salvation right now. Suppose we have deleted the video from our gallery app and we cannot recover it because the trash has already been emptied. ¿We have active synchronization with Google Photos? In this case, our video will be archived in the Google cloud even if it is not physically on the phone, and we can retrieve it from there. And if we have also deleted it in Photos, we have 30 days to remove it from the trash until it disappears forever.

Some apps to recover deleted videos


Keep in mind that when we erase something on a phone, it doesn’t actually erase in its entirety, but the part of memory that indicates what internal storage space is occupied and what is occupying it is erased. This indicates to the system, Android in this case, that that part of the memory can be used again to record things without the danger of losing files.

A file does not disappear permanently until something is recorded in the place where it was

Thus, when we have deleted a video (or any other file) it can be recoverable as long as the system has not used the space it occupied to write something on it. And to locate these files that are but are not there are apps designed expressly for it and that crawl memory for these complete but hidden files (It is not exactly like that, but it serves as an example).

Video Recovery

Video Recovery

One of the best known deleted video recovery apps is Video Recovery. This app has a specific process that tracks the storage of our phone to find those videos that were deleted and that are still recoverable. You can find all kinds of video formats among which are the most popular such as MP4, MPG or MOV.

All you have to do is install the app, grant it the permission to access the storage and tell it to start searching. Once it has completed its work, Video Recovery will take all the videos found and place them in a folder called ALLRECOVEREDVIDEO which will be accessible from the app itself or from the phone’s Gallery app. As simple as this. And also, we can tell you to also look in the microSD, if our phone has it and we use it to record video.

Video Recovery

Video Recovery

EaseUS MobiSaver


Another app designed to track phone storage and recover what has not yet been overwritten is MobiSaver from EaseUS. Here we find an app with more functions apart from recovering deleted videos. With MobiSaver we can recover SMS files, contacts from our calendar and even the call history if we have made it disappear.

All you have to do is install it, grant it access permissions and tell it, from its home screen, what we want it to search for. In our case, We will ask you to locate Photo & Video files and we’ll let her do her job. Once it is finished it will show us the results and it will only be necessary to cross our fingers so that the one we are looking for appears among the resurrected. It also allows us to search the microSD card.

EaseUS MobiSaver-Recover Photos & Contacts

EaseUS MobiSaver-Recover Photos & Contacts

Disk Video Recovery Pro

Disk Video Recovery Pro

Another app that we can easily find in Gogle Play is Disk Video Recovery Pro and, as we can see from its title, it is also a specific app to locate videos that were previously on our phone and now are not. Further, we have several modes of operation to decide how exhaustive we want the search to be. There is a quick search mode, a custom mode and the full search mode.

Although it is tempting for the search to finish in a couple of minutes, the full scan or Full Scan is always recommended.

With the custom mode we point out where we want it to look (phone storage, SD card or both) and then we decide which video formats and what qualities we look for. The option of quick search will take about two minutes (although it will depend on the size of the phone memory) and finally the full scan which will be the most durable, but also the most efficient.

Once the search has finished in any of the modes we have chosen, the app will show us a list of the videos that can be recovered with your preview. We just have to choose what we want to be available again and voila, they will return to the folder in which they were originally.

Disk Video Recovery Pro

Disk Video Recovery Pro

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