How to recover deleted videos on Android

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On several occasions it happens to us that we mistakenly delete a file that we wanted to continue having. Getting it back is sometimes possible, especially when the deletion is recent, but on Android devices this task can be very complicated, especially when the lost files are not photos.

In this article we tell you how to recover your deleted videos on Android. They are various tricks ordered from least to greatest difficulty and complexity; The first ones are very obvious and easy, but they are the first to try before spending too much time with other ways. The methods explained below are: looking for a recycle bin (which is not always visible on smartphones and tablets), using file recovery software from a computer and using an APP specialized in deleted files on Android.

Keep in mind that even putting all these tricks into practice, you will not always be able to recover your files. Sometimes they are unrecoverable as the deleted file has been overwritten with a new one.

Find Trash in File Explorer

In some Android devices we can have a recycle bin semi-hidden in which are all the deleted files, videos included. To find the trash we can choose to search from the file explorer.

Depending on the brand of smartphone or tablet you use, as well as the version of Android that this device uses, the file explorer can have different names: File Explorer, File Manager, My Files… Can usually be recognized by having a folder icon.

For the first check, open your file explorer, in our case My Files.

Open My FilesOpen My Files

Once inside, look for an option menu or the icon with three dots or three lines in vertical orientation.

Click on the three dots iconClick on the three dots icon

Here you may appear Recycle bin, tap on it.

Click on Recycle binClick on Recycle bin

The deleted files and folders will then appear. Touch those you want to recover. If there are several, to select them all together, hold your finger on the first one for a second and then touch each of the others.

Select the files and folders to recoverSelect the files and folders to recover

Finally tap on Restore.

Click on Restore to recover everything selectedClick on Restore to recover everything selected

Find the trash can in the image gallery

Normally the Android gallery APP is used for both images and videos, so its trash can contain the video that you have deleted by mistake.

Therefore, if the trash can not appear in the file explorer, you can choose to try looking for it in the gallery utility.

To do this, first open Gallery.

Tap on GalleryTap on Gallery

Again, find a menu of options or tap on one of the icons with three dots or three horizontal lines.

Tap on the three horizontal linesTap on the three horizontal lines

If the trash icon or the words appear Recycle bin, tap on them.

Now tap on Recycle binNow tap on Recycle bin

The deleted photos and videos will appear on the next screen. Tap on the one you want to recover. If there are several files, keep touching the first one and then just have to touch the others and thus recover them all together.

Deleted items appear in the trashDeleted items appear in the trash

To retrieve them, tap on the icon with an arrow in the shape of a circle or on the word Restore.

Press this icon to recover the imagePress this icon to recover the image

If your Android does not have a Trash, unfortunately the options to recover your videos are minimal. Most APPs do not help us to recover files other than photos, while those that can recover videos require superuser permissions. Even so, we detail those remote options that you have left before giving it all for lost.

Browse a MicroSD card with Recuva

Android does not have the same range of control over its internal memory, which it will barely allow you to access by connecting the device to your computer via USB, as it does to an external memory, to which it cannot exercise any special control if it is not inserted. in the slot of the Android itself. By not exercising this control, they open a possible solution, although you will need a computer to carry it out.

For the solution to be possible, the video you deleted had to be saved on a MicroSD card and not on the internal memory of your Android. If so, follow the next steps. On your computer you must install Recuva.

Once installed and with the MicroSD card connected to your computer, open the program and click on Next on the first screen.

Click NextClick Next

On the next screen, click on Video and then in Next.

Select Video and again, click NextSelect Video and again, click Next

Now you must select what you are looking for in the MicroSD card. Click on In a specific location and immediately afterwards, in Browse.

Click on In a specific location and then on BrowseClick on In a specific location and then on Browse

In the new window we look for the unit that corresponds to the MicroSD card, click on it and on okay.

Find the SD card and click OKFind the SD card and click OK

Now you can hit Next.

Click NextClick Next

Choose Enable Deep Scan for a slower but deeper search. Then click Start.

Check the Enable Deep Scan box and click StartCheck the Enable Deep Scan box and click Start

After that, the scan will begin. Once finished, the deleted files that we can recover will appear. In the ones you want to recover, click on the box on the left.

Select the files to recoverSelect the files to recover

Once you have selected all the ones you want to recover, click Recover …

After selecting all the files to recover, click on RecoverAfter selecting all the files to recover, click on Recover

In the new window, choose where you want them to appear again and press okay.

Click OKClick OK

A new pop-up window will appear, click on And it is.

Now click Yes, the file recovery will startNow click Yes, the file recovery will start

The files will already be recovered in the same folder from which they were deleted, now click on okay to close this window.

The files will already be recovered, click OKThe files will already be recovered, click OK

Use Undeleter with rooted Android

If you have your smartphone or tablet rooted, you have the possibility of using an APP that dives among the deleted files and rescues them, regardless of whether they are images, videos, documents …

Important note: Rooting your Android later does not work, because the rooting process already requires a format that would erase all the files, including the ones you wanted to recover.

If you already had your Android rooted, continue with the next steps. First, download Undeleter; You can do it with the button that we leave you below.

After installing the APP, open it. A message will appear about the type of advertising you want to see. Choose the one you want the most and click on Agree.

Tap on Agree after choosing the type of advertisingTap on Agree after choosing the type of advertising

In the next step, the APP welcomes you, you must tap on Next to continue.

Tap Next to continueTap Next to continue

On the next screen you must grant permissions to the application.

Again, tap on Next and agree to grant permissions to the APPAgain, tap on Next and agree to grant permissions to the APP

The APP will begin to scan the files that you have deleted. After a while you will see them all listed. Select those you want to recover.

Select the files you want to recoverSelect the files you want to recover

Now tap on the floppy disk icon to proceed to recover the images.

Tap on the floppy disk iconTap on the floppy disk icon

Among the options that appear, choose the one of Save File …

Now click on Save fileNow click on Save file

Now you just have to touch Continue and see some announcements as a step before the APP begins with the recovery.

Tap on Continue to see some ads and start the recoveryTap on Continue to see some ads and start the recovery

If you did not change the destination path, the recovered files will appear in a folder named Undeleter, in the root directory of your Android device.

Rescued filesRescued files

If with these steps you have not been able to find the videos … it is very likely that you will not see them again. To recover files it is also necessary to have some fortune, because as storage devices work, at a certain point your deleted files will disappear forever.

At first, when “deleting” a file, the system labels it as deleted, but it does not really delete it (hence, sometimes it can be recovered). However, after a while, the internal memory will run out of free space, only the space left by the files with the delete label, which begin to be overwritten and lost forever. Hopefully, you will have arrived in time to avoid overwriting.

Other apps to recover deleted files on Android

There are more apps that allow you to recover photos and other files. Some of them do not require rooting, but they are also usually more limited and of course they will hardly help us to recover a video. However, if what you have lost are photos, these applications can be very helpful. See the full list of apps to recover photos and files, download the ones you like the most and test their features to see if they are exactly what you are looking for.