How to recover deleted contacts on Android

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Table of Contents

We are sure that the information stored in the contact list of your mobile device is very valuable to you. Thanks to her, you can connect with other people no need to remember every phone number or email address. If you have lost any contact, either because you have accidentally deleted it or due to a synchronization problem, do not worry. In this article we show you different ways to recover it on your Android device.

How to recover contacts with Google Contacts

When you start your terminal for the first time, the setup wizard will ask you to log in with your Google account. By doing so, much of your data is kept securely in the cloud. The official Google application can help you undo the changes made to your calendar and recover any contacts deleted by mistake. The first thing you should do is open Google Contacts and press Settings, in the main menu.

Open Google Contacts settings

Swipe the screen to the bottom and tap Undo changes.

Undo changesUndo changes

Select the time interval that Google Contacts should take into account to undo the changes made. Remember you have a maximum of 30 days to recover your contacts. When done, use Confirmed to start the restore process.

Select time intervalSelect time interval

How to recover contacts from Google Drive backup

If this method doesn’t work, there are other options included in the app that can help you. For example, you can restore backup stored in the cloud. Also, there is the possibility of recovering contacts from other Google accounts and other devices. Without moving from Settings, Choose Restore.

Restore backupRestore backup

Next, choose the backup you want to use to restore your contact list.

Select backup to restoreSelect backup to restore

It is also important that you check if your contact is in the Recycle Bin. Unfortunately, this information cannot be consulted from the Google Contacts application. Rather, you must access it through the web, opening the main menu and tapping on Bin.

Google Contacts Recycle BinGoogle Contacts Recycle Bin

Then, select one or more contacts and choose the option Recover to restore them.

Restore from TrashRestore from Trash

How to recover contacts from SIM card

You can use the information stored in the SIM card to recover lost data. This method is only valid if, by habit, you copy your calendar entries there. Again in Settings, click on Import and choose your SIM card. Your contacts will be restored immediately.

Import from SIMImport from SIM

At this point, it is very likely that you have managed to restore your lost contacts. But, if not, what other options do you have at your disposal?

How to recover contacts from WhatsApp Android

All the tricks that we mentioned in the article will help you to recover your contacts. If you have not been successful, remember that WhatsApp stores conversations with other users, even when they have been removed from the contact list. This can be your last resort if the rest of the solutions have not been fruitful.

Once you have located the WhatsApp conversation of the lost contact, you can check their phone number. If you want to add the contact back to your phone book, click on the three dots menu and touch Add to contacts.

Add contact from WhatsAppAdd contact from WhatsApp

Choose Create new contact.

Create new contactCreate new contact

Specify the name, surname and other information and tap on Save.

Save contact from WhatsAppSave contact from WhatsApp

Once this is done, the contact will have been stored in your phonebook again.

How to recover your contacts with Android Recovery

The methods mentioned above can help you in most cases. However, what can you do if they have not worked for you? Android Recovery is a complete software that will help you recover deleted contact on Android and all kinds of data.

After installing Android Recovery on your PC, open its application and click Android Data Recovery.

Start recovery processStart recovery process

Follow the instructions that you will see on the screen to activate the USB debugging mode on your device. By doing so, Android Recovery will establish a connection with your phone.

Start the recovery processStart the recovery process

Now, select the data you want to recover. To restore your contacts, check the box Contacts.

Select data you want to recoverSelect data you want to recover

When the process is finished, you will see a list with the contacts available for recovery. Right-click on any of them and select Recover Checked.

Retrieve a contactRetrieve a contact

Once you have your recovered contact, copy it to Google Contacts or transfer it directly to your terminal. To avoid losses in the future and enable the Android data recovery, don’t forget to make frequent backups to the cloud, to the SIM card or to a VCF file.