How to record audio from a Zoom video call [2020]

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Zoom has become in recent months one of the most used video calling applications in the world. One of the search intentions with the highest number of visits regarding the application has to do with the possibility of record audio from a video call in Zoom. Thanks to the options that the program integrates, we will not need to resort to external tools to record the sound of video calls. This time we will show you how to proceed in a simple way.

The steps that we will see below are not compatible with Android or iOS, since the application does not allow recording on mobile phones. In this case, it is recommended to use third-party applications that allow us to record the screen.

So you can easily record a video call in Zoom

Before starting to record a call or video call from Zoom, we will have to resort to the configuration of the tool itself on Windows, Mac or Linux. With the application open, We will go to the Recording section in the Settings menu, menu that we can find at the top of the program.

Within this menu, the program will show us an interface similar to the one we can see in the following image:

record audio zoom video call 0

To enable the recording of video calls in Zoom, all you have to do is enable the Record video check box during screen sharing. If we want to record the video individually for each participant, we can activate the Record a separate audio file for each participant box. Also we can modify the export path in Store my recordings in: or by tapping Choose a location to save the recording after the meeting ends to manually select the path each time a video call ends.

record audio zoom video call 1

With the video call started, we just have to click on the option Record or Record (depending on the language we have selected) to start recording the call.

record audio zoom video call 2

From now on, the conversation will show an icon that will reveal to the rest of the users that the conversation is being recorded.

record audio zoom video call 3

This is how the exported sound and video files will be.

After the meeting is over, the file Video and audio will be stored in the indicated path in MP4 and M4A format.

How to record a video call in Zoom without the other users knowing

As we have just explained, Zoom will show a recording icon to other users when we start recording a video call through the native function of the tool. If we want to record a video call without the rest of the users noticing, we can use third-party applications. The most recommended both for options, and for being free, is Audacity. We can download it from its official page through the following link:

To record internal system audio through Audacity, we will have to apply a series of adjustments to the program, since by default we are not allowed to make recordings of this type. As the process to follow is somewhat tedious, we leave you below with a complete guide where we explain how to configure Audacity to record internal audio in Windows 10. It is worth saying that the steps are also applicable to both Mac and Windows.

How to record audio from a Zoom 1 video call

After setting up the schedule correctly, just start recording when the meeting starts to record all sound from the system. Also It is recommended to enable computer microphone recording to record our voice on two different tracks.