How to quickly see if your applications have pending updates

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How to quickly see if your applications have pending updates 1

App updates on your phone they are carried out through Google Play, where we can always check if there are pending updates available for them. Users in Spain already know the process to follow to check if there are updates available for the games and apps installed on the phone.

This process is not complex, although it requires a series of steps within Google Play, which are not always convenient or comfortable. Luckily, on Android there is a faster way to check for pending updates for applications installed on the phone. So we can save time in this process on the phone.

Check your Android app updates

Check for app updates

In Android there is a method that allows go to the My Applications section in the Google Play Store, where you can see the pending updates that are available at that time, in a much faster way. It is a simple method, which allows us to save time on the phone, which is something that many users seek, to perform certain processes quickly. The steps in this regard are:

  1. Look for the Play Store icon on the phone’s home screen.
  2. Hold down the icon for a few seconds.
  3. Click on My Applications.
  4. Wait for the Play Store to open.
  5. The section where you can see if there are pending updates opens directly.
  6. Update those apps that you want or need to update.

This is a very simple way, which many Android users already know, to check if the applications we have installed on the phone have any pending updates at that moment. So that if you are waiting for an app to receive an update Or you just want to be able to check if there are any available, this simple trick makes it much simpler for all Android users.

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