How to quickly create a Gmail account (

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Created in 2004 by Google, Gmail is an electronic messaging service. It allows you, in fact, to send and receive electronic messages (e-mails). Gmail is free, simple and easy to use. To take advantage of it, you must create a Gmail account. In the rest of our article, we will give you all the means at your disposal to create a Gmail account quickly from your computer or your smartphone. In this guide, we’ll also give you tips on how to get the most out of your Gmail account.

how to create a gmail account from a google account

One of the essential prerequisites for creating a Gmail account is to create a Google account. Indeed, the Google account is a personalized account (login and password) which gives access to various Google services: Google Drive for storing files online, Android for smartphones or tablets, YouTube for videos.
This unique Google account stores your information as: videos viewed on YouTube, history of searches carried out with Google.

You can create your Google account without using a Gmail address. However, it is not possible to create your Gmail address without creating a Google account.

To create a Gmail account from your Google account,

  • Please access the gmail site,
  • Then click on the Connection button located at the top right of the page,
  • In the login form, please enter your Google account ID, click following,
  • Then a new window will appear to insert the password for the Google account. If it is attached to a Gmail address. Enter the password and click and press the button following,
  • However, if you get an error message, it means that your Google account is not linked to any Gmail account. You must therefore create some.
  • You will be taken back to the Gmail account creation interface.

how to create a Gmail account from a computer

how to create a gmail account

For create a Gmail account on Computer, you have at your disposal web browsers such as: Google Chrome (Google browser), Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. Connected to the internet, open one of these browsers then follow the instructions below to quickly create a Gmail account :

Step 1 :

  • Go to the official website of Gmail,
  • Once on the home page, please click on the button Create an account located at the top right,
  • You then arrive on the page where you will create the Google account which will be associated with your Gmail account,
  • In the registration form presented to you, please enter your personal information (surname and first name) in the corresponding fields,
  • Then enter the username you want to use for your email address. This name or identifier will be used in the first part of the address preceding the @ symbol.
    You can create your Gmail account using letters, numbers and dots in the username.
    However, it should be noted that capital letters and accents are not allowed in the creation of your username.
  • Then choose a password and confirm it in the neighboring field.
    You should choose a minimum of eight characters with combinations of letters, numbers and symbols to enhance security.
  • As soon as the form is completed, press the button following.
  • You are taken to a new form.
  • In this new form, you must enter your phone number, a backup email address. You then enter your date of birth and your gender. The date of birth and gender fields are required. On the other hand, those of the e-mail address and the telephone number are optional. However, it is strongly recommended to inform them. This will allow recoveries in the event of password loss or account hacking.

2nd step :

  • The form completely filled in, then click on following.
  • The following screen presents the privacy policies and terms of use of the Google service.
  • Read it, then, at the very bottom of the page, select the boxes I accept the Google terms of service and I agree that my information will be used as described above and detailed in the privacy policy.
  • Click on the link More options to display the list of parameters relating to the personalization and recording of your personal data by Google. This gives you the possibility to configure the recording of your activities on the Web, your YouTube history and configure the personalization of the ads. We strongly recommend that you do this to limit Google intrusions.
  • To finish creating your Gmail account. Please click on the button Create an account.
  • In the confirmation window, please click on the button To confirm.
  • Your Gmail account has just been created, you are directly redirected to the mailbox.

how to create a Gmail account quickly on mobile?

Today it is quite possible to create a Gmail account quickly via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). However with a smartphone, you have several possibilities with your Gmail account such as adding your account in the settings of the mobile or in the application of a web browser.
In addition, whether you are on iOS or Android, the procedure for create a Gmail account quickly is almost the same. You must go to a Gmail mobile web page via a web browser or a dedicated interface. For reasons of simplicity, the Gmail mobile application remains the most suitable alternative for create a Gmail account quickly.

  • Open the Gmail app on your device. In case it is not already there, download it from the Play Store for devices with Android) or the app store for those equipped with iOS.
  • Click on the link “Create an account”,
  • Click on the “For me” instruction located in the context menu to access the Gmail account creation page.
  • Once on the page, the procedure for creating gmail via a smartphone and a computer is similar. You will need to enter your first and last names, choose a valid username, etc. Do next on the different forms as indicated above to validate the different steps.
  • Like the creation of a Gmail account on a computer. Google will redirect you to your email as soon as you validate the last step after confirmation.

How to create a Gmail pro account?

If you need to create a Gmail pro account quickly, you can opt for Google Workspace. This is Google’s messaging offering tailored to business needs. It’s going to cost you $ 6 per user / month. It offers several advantages:

  • A professional Gmail account devoid of any advertising with the possibility of using your company’s domain name,
  • You have control over the various accounts of your employees. You can thus have a right of inspection on the emails and other files of your company,
  • Exclusive 24/7 support via phone, email or chat,
  • Larger Gmail and Google Drive storage space,
  • Management of mobile devices. You can thus secure your data by remotely erasing data from a lost device, for example.

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Manage your account

Change or reset your Gmail account password

For security reasons you can change your password. In case you forgot it, you can reset it. You can do this from a computer, an Android smartphone, an iPhone or an iPad. Depending on your choice, you need to log into your Gmail account and enter the security settings.

You will then need to provide answers to a number of questions for Google to verify that this is your account. Once the usage verification steps have been validated, you can change your password.

Automated responses in Gmail via Smart Reply

To save you a considerable amount of time, Gmail offers responses to certain emails. Thanks to the artificial intelligence that is omnipresent in Google’s services, Gmail can make tailor-made response proposals. These ready-made responses are sent to your contacts depending on the situation.

It is important to note that Gmail reads the content of your emails. It uses the content of your mails to produce targeted advertisements. Now Google can detect whether or not your email needs an answer. In case the answer is yes, it creates an answer or answer tracks which you can modify according to your convenience.
According to the initiators of this system, it is improving as more Internet users use it.

Fraud on your Gmail account

If you see or believe that there is suspicious activity taking place on your Gmail account, it may be a case of identity theft. In fact, in this case, you can

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