How to put a wallpaper video on Android

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One of the strengths of Android is the high degree of customization that it allows to apply to the interface. In fact, it is something that has historically been encouraged by Google and developers. Therefore, in the application store it is easy to find countless tools to modify the appearance of the phone. It is even possible put a video as wallpaper. In the following sections we tell you how to do it.

What should you know before putting a background video on Android?

Before launching to install the tool that we propose to put videos in the background on Android, there are some things that we must comment on. First, the continuous playback of a video can decrease the capacity of your device when performing certain tasks. In other words, performance can suffer. Therefore, we do not advise you to use a video as a background if your phone does not have too many resources.

In second place, autonomy could also decrease. In a way, this point is linked to the previous one. When playing a video constantly to keep it as the wallpaper, the processor has to work harder. As a consequence, it consumes more battery and autonomy is reduced. This can be a real problem if you need your device to withstand long working hours.

As an alternative we find the wallpaper apps lifelong, static and without reducing the effectiveness of our device.

How to put a background video with Video Live Wallpaper Free Android

Once the appropriate clarifications have been made, we must make it clear that the method that we propose here is compatible with most devices. In fact, you can use the app Video Live Wallpaper Free Android with any terminal that has Android 4.0.3 or higher. To install it, use the download link that you will see on this page.

Then open it and tap on the button Plus to select the video you want to use as the background.

Add a videoAdd a video

Navigate with the explorer to the directory where the videos are located.

Search video with file browserSearch video with file browser

Select one or more videos and press Set live wallpaper to continue.

Set video as backgroundSet video as background

In the preview, tap on the button Set Wallpaper.

Set WallpaperSet Wallpaper

Then, you must choose the site where the video should be used as the background. You can choose between the home screen or the home screen and the lock screen at the same time.

Select fund locationSelect fund location

If you go back to the beginning you will see how the video plays in a loop as the wallpaper.

Animated wallpaper setAnimated wallpaper set

You can use the device normally. Video playback will not be affected by any of the touches or gestures you make on the screen.