How to put a transparent wallpaper on Android

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Android offers a wide range of options related to personalization. Either natively or thanks to the vast collection of applications in the Google Play Store, you can make your device unique. Thanks to this guide, you will learn to customize one of the most visual sections of Android: the wallpaper. We tell you how to make this completely transparent.

How to have a transparent wallpaper on your mobile

Transparent Phone is an application that will allow you to set a translucent wallpaper thanks to the rear camera of your device. To get started, download and install the app. If you want a fast and reliable download, use the link you have on this page.

Next, open the application and wait for it to load. On the main screen, tap on Get access to start setting up your transparent background.

Launch Livecam Wallpaper settingsLaunch Livecam Wallpaper settings

Allow Livecam Wallpaper to access the camera by tapping on Allow.

Give access to the cameraGive access to the camera

Choose Select Wallpaper.

Select translucent wallpaperSelect translucent wallpaper

Choose between the two available options. On the one hand, Transparent Phone use the rear camera and provide a transparency effect. However, Mirror Phone use the front camera and convey the feeling of being in front of a mirror. In this case, we will opt for the first one.

Select a transparent phoneSelect a transparent phone

Tap on the Install Wallpapers to set the translucent wallpaper.

Install the wallpaperInstall the wallpaper

Apply the background with the button Set wallpaper.

Apply the wallpaper with the appApply the wallpaper with the app

Choose whether you want it to apply only to the home screen or to the home and lock screen simultaneously.

Select background locationSelect background location

Now, just go back to the home screen.

Home screen with transparent backgroundHome screen with transparent background

As you can see, the wallpaper shows exactly what it would look like on the phone. Of course, you have to keep in mind that in order to save battery and resources, the camera focus is not as fast as it should and sometimes it just fails. On the other hand, the final quality is derived from a compression process that pursues the same premise of saving resources.