How to put a different theme to each Telegram chat

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How to put a different theme to each Telegram chat

Telegram arrived yesterday at version 8.0.1 and, as usual, it came with a good amount of news, such as knowing who has read your messages in a group. In the field of customization, one of the things that WhatsApp had and not Telegram: put a different background for each chat.

Now it is possible give it a different touch to each chat, with themes that work more like on Messenger and Instagram than on WhatsApp, with eight themes to choose from that apply to both you and the other person.

A different topic for each chat

Telegram is one of the messaging apps which gives you more options to customize the appearance of the chats, although this customization was somewhat uniform: it applied equally to all chats. This changes as of Telegram version 8.0.1.

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With Telegram 8.0.1, it is possible change the theme of individual chats, that is, between people. As it is a change that applies to all participants in the chat, it is not possible to change the topic in groups or channels, even if you are an administrator.

To change the theme of any private Telegram chat, you must open the chat and tap on the menu button ⋮ to choose Change colors. At the bottom of the window you will see the selector where you can choose between eight themes.

Choose theme

The themes have no name – well, technically their name is an emoji – and they correspond to a combination of colors for the chat bar and bubbles, patterned backgrounds, animated effects and unique gradients.

You can preview each chat by tapping on it. Each of them is available in a version for light theme and dark theme (You can toggle the preview between both modes in the preview). With the dark theme, the custom themes are somewhat more discreet, as they do not apply to the top bar.


An important fact is that, as we mentioned before, the theme applies to both people and, in addition, it is indicated with a message that you have changed the topic of the conversation. Similarly, the other person you are chatting with can change the subject without you being able to do anything about it.

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How to put a different theme to each Telegram chat

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How to put a different theme to each Telegram chat 1

How to put a different theme to each Telegram chat 2