How to print documents and photos from your mobile on Android

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Today’s mobile operating systems have most of the functions that a computer has. Among them, we find the ability to easily print documents and photos. Android includes a printing assistant that integrates with any application and allows you to quickly send documents to your printer. How to do it?

Getting to know the Android printing assistant

Android makes available to developers a print assistant that they can use to make their applications able to communicate with a printer. So no matter which app you print from, you’ll always end up using the native Android wizard. What functions does it include? The first, and most obvious, is the ability to select a printer. All you have to do is click on Select a printer.

  Select printer on AndroidSelect printer on Android

For a printer to be detected by Android, must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device. Once the printer is selected, certain interesting options are enabled. For example, you can select which pages you want to print, which sheet size to use, the orientation of the document, and whether or not you want to use color printing.

Android printing optionsAndroid printing options

Android also includes a virtual printer, which exports any content to PDF and saves it as a file in the internal memory. You just have to select Save as PDF in the printer list.

save as PDFsave as PDF

As you have seen, the Android printing assistant is very easy to use. Now, you just have to know how to print documents and photos with the main applications.

How to print documents and photos directly from your mobile

After knowing how Android print assistant works, how can you print the main formats from your phone? We will tell you.

How to print documents on Android

If we talk about documents, the most popular formats are DOCX and PDF. For both, you will need a compatible reader. In this case, it is ideal that you download and install Word and Adobe Acrobat. If you want to print from Word, after opening a document, access the menu of the three dots and select Print.

Print from WordPrint from Word

Also, when you open a PDF file with Adobe reader, you can use the main menu to find the print button.

Print from Adobe ReaderPrint from Adobe Reader

Keep in mind that you can also print directly from the main file applications in the cloud, such as Google Drive or OneDrive.

How to print emails on Android

There is also the possibility to print emails using, for example, Gmail. After accessing an email, click on the three dots menu and touch Print.

Print from GmailPrint from Gmail

Do not forget that this option is also present in applications such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail and other popular email managers on Android.

How to print photos on Android

The same happens with the photos that you save in Google Photos. In this case, the option is available in the options menu for each photo. So, select an item from your library and tap on Print.

Print from Google PhotosPrint from Google Photos

Of course, Google Photos is not the only photography program that allows you to print your memories from Android. This option is available in most native galleries that are installed by default on many devices.

How to print a web page

Finally, remember that it is possible to print any website with Chrome. First, select Compartir.

Share from ChromeShare from Chrome

And then click Print.

Print from Google ChromePrint from Google Chrome

This option is also available in other alternative browsers, such as Brave, Microsoft Edge or Firefox.