How to print a test page in Windows 10

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To be able to print a test page, Windows 10 has its own built-in functionality by default for this. Likewise, we also have third-party applications developed for this purpose. That is why today we are going to see how we can print a test page and check that our printer works correctly.

Print a test page from Windows 10

Thanks to the printing of a test page we will be able to obtain information on our PC where the printer is installed. We will also be able to check the quality of the printing and the sharpness with which the cartridges are printing. In this way, we can catch any errors before making an important print. Before starting we must make sure that the printer is turned on, is correctly connected to our computer and that it has pages on which to print.

To be able to carry out a test print from Windows we must access the “Devices and printers” section. For this we must enter the «Control Panel», for which we must write its name in the Windows search box and select it. Once inside, we go to the “Devices and printer” section.

View devices and printers

In this new page we locate our printer and click on it with the right mouse button so that a small contextual menu appears where we must select the «Printer properties«. It is important that we do not confuse the Printer Properties section with Properties. Since if we choose the latter case we will not be able to see the button to print the test page.

Printer properties

Once we have clicked on “Printer Properties” a new screen appears. At the bottom, we find the button «Print test page«. Click on it so that Windows will take care of the corresponding test print. We can also click on the “Preferences” section, from where we can configure the orientation (horizontal or vertical) and the paper size (A4, A5, A3, Letter, Executive, Estate, Legal, Tabloid, B4 and B5.

Print test page

Once we click on the “Print test page” button, the process will begin. We will see an image of Windows that has the three basic colors of the printer and includes black text. In this way, when a normal page is printed and with the same margins, we will obtain a clear example of how our pages will come out with the cartridges that the printer has, and check if the print quality is adequate.

Programs for printing a test page

In the event that we do not want to use the option to print a test page that Windows 10 incorporates, we also have third-party applications that will help us with this purpose.


This application will allow us to calibrate the cartridges of our new printer, allowing us to choose the appropriate prints to ensure that they are made successfully. This software has an easy-to-use interface, so it can be used by all types of users. Its main characteristic is that it is capable of easily spot any problem and identify toner or ink cartridges that may be found to be defective.

Print.Test.Page.Ok interface

While the built-in test pages should be sufficient to ensure that our printer operates within desired parameters, we may be able to customize some pages sample to our liking. In this way we can edit the text string by just replacing the default words with our own. It is also possible to create a test page with a custom gradient of our choice, which can be interesting if we think a color cartridge may be faulty. It will only be necessary to indicate the start and end colors, being able to explore the color selector until you find the exact type we need.

Print.Test.Page.Ok Configure

Print.Test.Page.Ok is a completely free and portable application, so it does not require any type of installation on our PC. We can download it directly from your Web page.

Printer Test Page

Next, we find a web application that will allow us to make a test print of our printer directly from our browser. Your options when printing are far from the range of Print.Test.Page.Ok options, but it can be useful for users who do not want to complicate their lives and perform the test without having to download anything.

Printer Test Page web

This website has two printing options such as “Print a Color Test Page”, which we must use to make a printout of color test. And “Print Black & White Test Page”, which we will use in case we want a test page in black and white. Before carrying out any test it is necessary that we verify that we have the printer turned on and connected to our computer. Once we click on it, a preview of the content of the test sheet will appear. Clicking on it will take us to the print menu, where we can choose the design, the type of paper, pages, etc. So all you have to do is click on the “Print” button to start the test.

Printer Test Page black and white test print

If we want to use the Printer Test Page application to make a test page to our printer, we can use it for free by clicking on this link.

Print a Test Page

This time we are talking about a web application that we run directly from our browser. Therefore, it will not be necessary to download any file or perform any installation on our PC. Its use is extremely simple. This is because its printing options are quite limited, so it will not allow us to carry out certain tests beyond the classic and basic ones.

Print a Test Page web

When accessing its website we find three buttons with the test print types that we can do. If we click on «Black and White Test», we will carry out a test directly in black and white. If we click on the button «Page Color Test Page» the test page will be made in color. Finally, it has the “CMYK Test Page” mode, especially suitable for performing print diagnostic tests on an HP printer.

Print a Test Page print page black and white

If we want to make a test page of our printer using Print a Test Page for free, it will only be necessary to access its website by pressing here.