How to play with Bull in all game modes

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Table of Contents

Bull is the brawler ideal for different events and maps where there are enough spaces to hide and attack by surprise. Therefore, today we will show you what you can do to obtain it quickly and with great ease.

Brawl stars

Who is Bull

This kind of Elvis halfway with a pissed-off bull is capable of taking a lot of damage and attacking with his shotgun at medium-short distance just like Shelly. He is a heavyweight of common rarity that boasts a health nothing more and nothing less than 5200. Its basic attack is simply to fire with its double barrel, dealing damage of 400 points, while his super attack consists of going into a rage charging in a straight line and destroying everything in his path. Perfect for isolating rival lines or groups.

bull brawl stars attack

Finally, the star ability kicks in when the Bull’s health drops to 40% he can reload much faster, doubling his DPS. It also has a gadget, which we can apply to automatically heal for 1500 life.

How to get and play with Bull in Brawl Stars

If you want to unlock Bull in Brawl Stars to take full advantage of his potential, all you have to do is collect the required cups and you will also have to increase the rank of the others brawlers.

You will need to 250 cups exactly and to obtain them you must play and win games. Note that to collect trophies, you can play with any character, since the game generalizes the total of cups of all brawlers. Another method that will help you get cups more easily and be able to unlock Bull faster is to play with the fighters who have a low rank. Thus, you will be more likely to share battles with players who do not have much experience and this is an advantage for you.

bull brawl stars

Despite the path we must travel to achieve it, it is one of the brawlers easier to use. This makes it an excellent choice for players of any skill level. his enormous state of health It gives the player enough time to correct offensive mistakes and retreat to safety. Also, his main attack is hard to miss with a decent medium target and packs real damage.