How to play PC games on Android

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Table of Contents

Although the task of running games developed for Android on a PC is relatively easy, things get complicated when we reverse the factors. If you wish enjoy your favorite PC games on an Android device, in this article we help you to know which are the most feasible options available.

Play PC games on Android using an emulator

Magic DosBox Android is an emulator that allows run games designed for desktop environments on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with current titles. Rather, it is an application designed for those nostalgic who spent long hours playing with their PC and who are willing to relive some lost sensations.

PC game emulator on Android

Among its most outstanding benefits we find the two themes of its interface, the support for different languages ​​and the compatibility with external control systems. In addition, it allows you to make different adjustments to adapt the emulation to each game, such as the available RAM memory, the sound or the performance of the device. It is a real option for running PC games on Android, but limited to the more classic games. No game is included in the download, so you will have to find it yourself on the net. Supports ISO, GOG, INST and CUE formats.

Find compiled PC games for Android

A few years ago, the main video game companies released their most legendary titles for Android and iOS. The main advantage of these games is that they are fully adapted to the new features of mobile devices. Graphics fit perfectly on any screen size, touch controls are implemented and besides, the audio works perfectly. Also, downloading these games is completely legal and does not require advanced knowledge.

The main application stores, such as Google Play or the App Store, are full of games that were initially developed for PCs and are now perfectly functional in mobile environments. For example, there are currently five titles from the GTA series ported to Android. With them, you can have fun with a real computer game anywhere, anytime. Other prominent titles are Carmageddon or Minecraft. The vast majority of these reissues are paid.

Stream from your PC or from the cloud

Until recently, game streaming was limited to those titles that were installed on our computer. Thanks to this system, the game was running on the PC and controlled from the mobile. One of the most solvent applications to carry out this action is Remotr. What is really interesting about this solution is that it is compatible with any game that your computer is capable of moving. As is logical, it is necessary to have Remotr on the computer, acting as a server, and on the mobile, acting as a client.

You can also use Moonlight Game Streaming Android, ideal if you are a user of the NVIDIA streaming system. With this open source application, you can connect up to four controllers and, in addition to games, stream any content that is on your computer screen.

However, these two tools are a thing of the past, especially after the movements made by multiple companies in the sector. In recent months, a series of services have appeared that replace the execution locally, that is, from your computer, with the cloud execution. In this way, the game runs on a remote server and is streamed in real time, thanks to the ultra-fast data connections, to your Android phone. Some of these services are Google Stadia, xCloud, from Microsoft, or Amazon Luna. Although they fit into this article because they allow you to play from your Android device, the truth is that they are available on any platform, being functional from the browser itself. If you want a really complete experience, it is recommended that you use a game controller, or gamepad. Don’t forget that these services are paid and usually require a monthly subscription.

Google Stadia and xCloud on an Android deviceGoogle Stadia and xCloud on an Android device

In short, though unable to run PC games on Android Directly, there are several highly recommended options to bring the desktop gaming experience to your mobile device. You just have to find the one that best suits your needs.