How to Play Microsoft Edge Hidden Game on Android

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Hidden game Microsoft Edge

More and more Android users are using Microsoft Edge as your browser. This Chromium-based browser is presented as a serious competitor to Google Chrome, the most used in the operating system, thanks to the many functions it is incorporating. A few months ago a hidden game also came to Microsoft Edge, which becomes another element that can attract new users to this browser on Android.

It is possible that many of you Do you want to know more about this hidden game of Microsoft Edge and how you can play it from an Android phone or tablet. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this game that we have available since this summer in the popular browser. This way you will be able to play directly on your phones or tablets and see if it is worth it or not.

This game is presented as a good way to entertain ourselves in the browser, since we will not have to download other games. If we simply want to hang out, we can play without leaving the browser itself on Android, something that is undoubtedly especially comfortable. Ideal for phones that have little space, since you will not have to install other games that take up too much space in it, for example.

Games within a browser are not rare, we have a good example with the popular dinosaur game in Google Chrome. This game, which initially came out when we do not have an Internet connection, has become one of the most popular among users in the well-known browser. So popular that even Google made it widely available, as many users see it as a way to hang out without needing to download other games to their devices. Microsoft’s browser is looking for something similar with this game. It will be necessary to see if it reaches the popularity of the game of the dinosaur or not with the passage of time.

How to access the hidden game in Microsoft Edge

Hidden game Microsoft Edge

This hidden game in Microsoft Edge is available in any of the browser versions. Either the version for computer (Windows, Linux or Mac), tablet or on your Android phone. If you want to access it from your Android phone, the first thing you will have to do is proceed to install the browser on your smartphone. This browser is available for free in the Google Play Store, and you can download it directly from this link:

Once you have downloaded and installed the browser on your Android phone, the process to access this game in it is really simple. The only thing we are going to have to do is open the browser on our smartphone and then go to the address bar, located at the top of the screen. In this address bar we have to enter edge: // surf and then we click on Go. It will take us directly to this new game on the screen.

These simple steps lead us directly to this hidden game in Microsoft Edge., so that we can start playing it directly on our phone. We are going to be able to play this game as many times as we want, so it is a good way to pass the time in this browser. Like we said, great for phones that are low on storage and can’t install too many games.

How is this game in the browser

Microsoft Edge hidden game operation

This hidden game in Microsoft Edge seeks be the alternative to the dinosaur game in google chrome, in addition to trying to become a classic among users on all platforms, also on Android. It is a game that has elements to be a success among users, especially because it is an entertaining and fun game, without too many pretensions, something that clearly helps. What can we expect from this game in the browser?

This game takes us to the ocean, where are we going to become a surfer. As a good surfer, we are going to have to move in the water on this surfboard while we dodge all kinds of obstacles that come our way. The idea is that we are going to stay as long as possible on said surfboard, without crashing into those obstacles that appear when we are surfing. The difficulty increases as we advance, because more and more obstacles appear, in addition, our speed increases as well. The time that we will stay on said surfboard will depend on our ability and reflexes.

To make it even more interesting (read complex), obstacles in this hidden game in Microsoft Edge work in various ways. Since we find obstacles that are fixed, which will never move from their place, such as the islands and the boats that are on the route. But we also have a series of obstacles that moves. These are other obstacles like the octopus, which will chase us when we jump over them, so that we will have to escape from them as well as we move. It is something that makes the game much more fun, because it is somewhat less predictable in this way, but at the same time it increases its difficulty, so we will have to show our skill in this regard.

This is how the games work

Microsoft Edge game

Starting in this hidden game in Microsoft Edge they are going to give us three lives and up to three levels of stamina (or energy). So it is important to know that we can make three attempts before a game in the game is going to end, for example. In addition, in the game we have different game modes, three in total, among which we will be able to choose at all times. These are the three game modes:

  1. Normal mode: It is the classic game mode, where all we have to do is dodge the obstacles that come our way in the water, to accumulate as many points as possible.
  2. Time Attack Mode: In this game mode we will be given a certain time in which we will have to collect coins as we go. There are a number of shortcuts available that can help us get to the end within the time we are given.
  3. Slalom mode (zig zag mode): This is the most complex mode in this hidden game in Microsoft Edge. Our task in this game mode is to knock on all the doors so that we can win. It will require us to be fast, have good reflexes and a lot of patience to overcome it.

Each user will be able to choose the game mode they want to use in this game. The fact that there are several game modes is something that helps to suit all types of users, since those looking for a challenge or who have quickly overcome or mastered the first levels of the game will be able to choose the most complex one. These levels are also a good way to test your skills, to see if you have really mastered the first levels. You can choose at any time the level you want to play each time you enter it.

Game controls

Hidden game Microsoft Edge Android

Another important aspect for users in this hidden game in Microsoft Edge are the controls. One question that many have is how these controls are and if they are easy to use. The truth is that these controls in the game are really simple. This is something that will help to ensure that when you play you do not have problems and there are no distractions. It will take very little time to have mastered these controls in the game and thus enjoy it on Android.

The only thing we have to do in this case is to touch the screen, to the right or to the left, to thus move the surfer on his journey. If what we want is for the character to move to the right to avoid obstacles on the screen, we touch to its right, so that said movement is generated. The same case if we want it to move to the left when it is the right time to do so. So you can see that these controls are going to be something especially comfortable for most users. In addition, if you play from a tablet or mobile with a larger screen, this experience will be even better.

This hidden game in Microsoft Edge hasn’t been on the market for long, since this summer barely, but it has all the elements to become another classic. It may not become as legendary a game as the dinosaur game in Google Chrome, but it certainly comes across as a good alternative in this case. It is an entertaining, light and fun game that also has several game modes, so that anyone can play. The one that has easy controls and we can access it on any platform (PC, tablet or phone) is something that also works in its favor.