How to play in the Atrapagemas mode in Brawl Stars

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This game mode is one of the first to come out when the title was officially released. Therefore, it is also one of the most popular and that most hook users. The objective of these games is to get as many gems as possible, and then exchange them for objects and characters within the game. In addition, this mode is always available, and it has a wide variety of maps that will give us guaranteed fun at any time.

What is the Atrapagemas mode of Brawl Stars?

mode atrapagemas brawl stars

First of all, this game mode is automatically unlocked when we complete the initial tutorial, in which we will play against bots. When we get the victory, which is achieved quite easy, we will have it available forever. Atrapagemas is a permanent game mode, so it will never be rotated or replaced by another.

Going into the matter, into the battles we find 2 teams from 3 members each. The goal is to get 10 gems before the other team, and the first one that is able to maintain them during the countdown of 15 seconds, will win the game. The coveted gems appear every seven seconds in a well in the mine in the center of the map, making it even more difficult to get them. There is more of 15 different maps, all of them quite large.

Each member can collect gems individually, which will be added to the global count of their respective team. It will not be easy for you to get hold of them, since your opponents have the same objective as you, and for this they will attack you through different movements and techniques. When one of the players dies, they will drop their gems on the ground, and any player can pick them up. If the opposing team manages to get hold of any of them, they will be subtracted from the total number that their team had. The more games you win, your character will gain more experience and cups and therefore, you will unlock more skills, items and characters.

Tips for winning the games

In every game to achieve victory, we can always use strategies and tips that can help us achieve our goal. In Atrapagemas mode, you can apply some of these:

  • Regenerate your health and get behind the bushes: If you have never played this game mode, you should know that health is automatically regenerated when you are not attacked. When you find yourself in trouble, it is best to go back, and if you can also position yourself behind the bushes and barriers of the map, all the better.
  • Go for the strongest opposing player: It seems very obvious, but it is far from it. The ideal is to attack first for the opposing player with the most health and then go for the others. There is no point in attacking several at the same time, since if you and your team set the same objective, you can finish it quickly. In the same way, the best way to face enemies is that the player on your team with the highest amount of health is in charge of attacking.
  • Distribute tasks well with your team: Ideally, one player should be in the center of the map and go in search of the gems, and the other two are in charge of protecting him by attacking enemies. If you have many gems in your possession, you must be cautious and not go crazy to attack. To do this, it is best to go back and stay away from the fight, and have your teammates defend you to keep them. This way you will also charge your special attack.
  • Stay in constant motion: never stand still, especially if you have gems, because if you are unlucky when the opposing team targets you, you will die in a matter of seconds. To do this, it is best to go for gems, shoot and hide around the entire map.

Another very important trick that helps to make it easier to win games is to play with a character that is compatible with this mode. Among them, Spike, Nita, Pam, Leon, Barley and Jessie They are ideal for catching gems, and if you play together you can have a better chance of winning.

Best characters to choose and win in it

brawl stars characters

In Brawl Stars we have available a lot of characters of all roles and functions. Each of these can be more and less suitable for their different game modes, since we must take advantage of their abilities and special attacks. In the case of Atrapagemas mode, the ideal is to use those that have a good amount of health and devastating attacks. These are some of the best:

  • Nita: with his role as fighter, Nita is practically the best protective that we can choose for the Atrapagemas mode. It has very powerful attacks and great area damage. It is ideal to protect companions, since it also has a very strong health. Thanks to his stellar ability, in which he summons a bear, both will form a lethal pair to attack from any position, in addition to protecting the wearer of gems.
  • Little: a practically indispensable character in this game mode. It is a great healer which boasts good health and some pretty powerful area damage. Its super, called Healing Potpourri, allows you to heal your companions quickly and yourself. On the other hand, his star ability, called Music therapy, he will recover the life of his team when his attacks reach the enemies.
  • Pam: possibly this is the best gem carrier in the game. With his role as healer, has a very high health that will allow you to protect the gems. Once Pam gets the star ability Comfort zone, your companions and you will be very difficult to take down. In addition, a healing turret with which it will keep your team safe.
  • Genius: Who does not know this endearing character? He is very fast, and his attacks have a great range. Its basic attack launches a large projectile that in turn is divided into smaller ones, being able to reach any corner of the map easily. Its super, called Magic hand, lures enemies into position through a powerful grip, dealing quite high damage. The Witty slap, his stellar ability, can reach 1700 points of maximum damage.
  • Lion: one of the most prominent characters could not be missing from this list. This legendary brawler can turn invisible for 7 seconds using his super, called Smoke bomb. He is pretty much the fastest character in the game, and when he combines these super with his stellar ability Invisible cure, he recovers 600 health points per second for his team. Of course, his health is not the best, so we will have to protect him well if we want him to last the whole game.