How to play imposter and win the game

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Table of Contents

Of these two possibilities, we are going to focus on the second, where it is usually more difficult to win the game, for several reasons. In addition, we are going to give some tips on how to win games playing as an impostor in this game of companionship and simultaneous betrayal.

Among us

Why is it so difficult to win as an impostor in Among Us?

There are several factors that work against the impostors of the game. It is true that control the ship’s sensors like electricity or the fusion of the reactor, and that can be hidden by different points of the map. However, it is very difficult to defeat all the crew without being discovered.

kill impostor among us

The first is as obvious as that mathematics never fails. Always the number of impostors is less than the number of crew, so the company is already complicated by inferiority. In addition, we cannot do tasks, so neither the progress bar increases nor we have a calculation of how long it takes for each activity, something that can be very suspicious.

Play as an imposter in Among Us

Despite the difficulty, we can achieve victory if we have a certain skill. Of course, it largely depends on whether there are one, two or three imposters in the game, but everything that comes after is up to you. However, there are several keys to consider.

Simulate tasks

It is true that the game allows us to perform various false tasks that serve as a guide to know where to go. We can just avoid doing them and place ourselves at a point to simulate that we are doing something. Obviously that implies know the map and the locations of the activities, but that gives more freedom to move around the map rather than targeting those bogus tasks specifically.

impostor among us

Sabotage whenever you can

Apart from killing, an indispensable tool is to sabotage the ship. Not only for trying to finish the game that way, but also for it to be a distraction mode to disperse the crew and kill someone who is left behind. The most important sabotages are the electricity, oxygen and fusion reactor, although others such as closing doors or communication cannot be ruled out.

Take advantage of the darkness to kill

Related to the above, is that one of the sabotages to be able to kill more comfortably is to cut the electricity. Oxygen or core melting can also cause equipment to disperse, but cutting off the electricity offers far more possibilities, as crew members are left totally blind, while impostors can still see the map with complete clarity.

gameplay impostor among us

Use the sewers to hide

After killing, it is very important to look for key points where there is a culvert or hole to hide, in case a third person appears by surprise. Thus, it gives us the option of moving to another part of the map and away from the homicide area, although it prevents someone from seeing you come out of the sewer, since the crew cannot do that.