How to play Fall Guys inside Roblox on Android

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Fall Guys has been a success from the first day it was launched, both on the PS4 and PC platforms. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for other devices such as Android, although they promise that it is to come. The fact is that we must engineer them to play, at least, something that resembles it. The Roblox developers have thought about this, being able play Fall Guys on Android.

It will not be from the Roblox title itself, which we all know and which is available in the Play Store. It will be from another game that the developers have created to emulate the most remarkable of Fall Guys and take it to their land. It’s called Ragdoll Royale, with which we will be able to enjoy the popular obstacle game from Android.

What is Ragdoll Royale, the Fall Guys of Android

It is developed by the creators of Roblox to include many of the already recognizable elements of Fall Guys. However, not to be confused with a copy or with an attempted copy, because it is far from that. The reason is that, despite the strong inspiration that is taken from the Mediatonic title, it includes its own traits to differentiate itself.

fall guys on roblox

The first thing we notice as soon as we enter the game is a bit negative, since the visual aspect it presents does not resemble Fall Guys, with a somewhat more impoverished version and with a lot of room for improvement in aspects of textures and graphic quality. On the other hand, it has its own versions for Android, PC and Xbox One, in addition to a system crossplay to cross platforms.

play fall guys ragdoll batte royale

The rest of the elements such as the menus, the scenes and the sounds are very similar to their source of inspiration, although the differential figure is the avatars that participate in the gymkhanas. They are about characteristic Roblox dolls, which how could it be otherwise appears instead of the gelatinous forms of Fall Guys.


How to download Ragdoll Royale in the terminal

To play Ragdoll Royale, it is as simple as access a link and let the download begin. But that is only suitable for users who already carry Roblox on their terminal. Therefore, for those who have not had the main game right now, they should do the following steps:

  1. Access download link on the Roblox website.
  2. It will redirect us to the Play Store to download the Roblox game.
  3. We register and enter our data.
  4. From the Roblox launcher itself, we can access Ragdoll Battle Royale.

play fall guys ragdoll batte royale gameplay

The best thing about this game is that, after having it installed, we can customize our character as in Fall Guys, as well as certain extra functionalities. For example, it allows us to enter additional skills to put into practice during the games, through some codes that we can enter in the Twitter logo that is in the main menu. Those codes can be taken from the developer’s own account.