How to play Android games on PC

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Table of Contents

There are at least two ways to run Android games on a PC. On the one hand, you can use an emulator, an application specially designed for desktop environments that recreates the hardware characteristics necessary for Android to function properly. Thanks to it, it is possible to launch any application, even games, directly from your computer.

On the other hand, you have the possibility to install Android directly on your hard drive and use it as a secondary operating system. This is a much more complete process and involves some or other difficulties. Throughout this article, we will tell you how you can, step by step, play your favorite Android games on your PC.

How to play Android games on a PC using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android emulators for PC at the moment. In fact, many users use it specifically for gaming to your favorite games on your desktop or laptop. You can download the latest version of BlueStacks safely from Malavida.

to download

to download

Once you have your executable, open it and begin the installation by clicking on Install Now.

Start BlueStacks installationStart BlueStacks installation

Once the installation is done, launch BlueStacks. You can do it from the Windows start menu or from the application launcher on MacOS. Using BlueStacks is very simple. You have a game browser in the upper right.

Game FinderGame Finder

In addition, throughout the entire window, you will find recommendations and popular titles to download.

Featured titlesFeatured titles

Finally, remember that you can log in to Google Play to download the games you have purchased.

Sign in to Google Play with BlueStacksSign in to Google Play with BlueStacks

In the case of not finding the game you need, you have the option to download it manually and install it in BlueStacks thanks to the APK button, located on the right side of the screen.

Install APK on BlueStacksInstall APK on BlueStacks

To start a game, hover your mouse over it and use the Install button to begin its installation. By performing this action, you are required to log in to Google Play, since BlueStacks is not a software repository, but an emulator.

Install a gameInstall a game

After installation, go to the tab My Games.

Play Subway Surfers on a PCPlay Subway Surfers on a PC

Click on the game you want to start and start playing. The controls will appear in the right part of the window.

Subway Surfers running on BlueStacksSubway Surfers running on BlueStacks

In this way, you can play any game developed for Android from your PC without further complication, smoothly and stable.

How to Play Android Games on an Android x86 PC

Android x86 is a project that adapts Android to be installed as just another operating system on any computer. It is possible, in this way, to have a double boot, also known in English as dual boot, and choose between Windows or Android when starting your PC. However, although this option is viable and, therefore, you should know about it, it has some disadvantages compared to the use of BlueStacks.

The biggest drawback of Android x86 is that its installation is difficult. You need to create a new partition, make real modifications to your computer’s storage, and write a series of files to it. If you do not have the necessary experience, you may be able to install Android on your PC but make Windows disappear, losing data and important information.

Also, Android on the PC may have poor performance. Despite the fact that your computer is a solvent team, it is possible that its components are not supported and essential elements such as sound, the trackpad or, worse if possible, the graphics do not work correctly.

Again, we insist that this is a valid way to bring all your Android games to your PC. However, using an emulator is much safer because it does not compromise the integrity of your current operating system and, in addition, it is usually much more optimized.