How to pass SMS from one mobile to another on Android

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Do you have a new smartphone? Surely you are looking forward to starting to configure it and enjoy it. But getting a new phone up and running has its complications. One of them is to transfer all the content from your previous terminal to the newcomer. Thanks to the cloud, you have it very easy when it comes to synchronizing photos and documents. But, What about texting?

In this article we tell you two free and easy methods to create copies of all your text messages. So you can send them from your old Android device and restore them on any other mobile.

Integrated solution to transfer SMS: use Google One

Google One It is the commercial name under which a large number of the company’s services are housed. In addition, it is a platform that creates backup copies of all your data to keep it safe.

Best of all, it is integrated into many Android devices and you may not have to download anything. All you have to do is go to the settings and click on Google.

Google OptionsGoogle Options

In the list of options, tap on Backup.

Backup optionsBackup options

Press on Back up now to create a manual backup with Google One.

Start backup on AndroidStart backup on Android

The list below shows all the data that will be included in the backup. Among them are the text messages. The steps mentioned so far are for creating manual copies of the information on your device. But as Google explains well in the same section, every time the device is plugged into the mains and has a Wi-Fi connection, a copy will be created automatically. And how are copies of Google One restored? It is very simple. During the setup of a new device and after entering your Google account, you will have the opportunity to recover all your data.

Alternative to pass SMS: Phone Backup and Restore

If the option of Google One does not convince you for some reason, we propose an alternative. We refer to the application Phone Backup and Restore. To obtain it safely and quickly, use the download button that you will see on this page.

Once available on your device, press SMS to copy the messages.

SMS copySMS copy

Tap on Drive to create a cloud copy. This option is the simplest if the idea is to transfer the copy to another terminal. However, with this application you can also backup SMS locally.

Select DriveSelect Drive

After selecting the Google account to use for the copy, tap on Backup All.

Start backupStart backup

Once the process is finished, it is time to install Phone Backup and Restore on the other phone. There, open the section again SMS and tap on the tab Drive. Allows the application to find the backup made previously. Then, click on Download to download it.

Download copy from DriveDownload copy from Drive

Tap on Restore to start the process.

Restore SMS copyRestore SMS copy

Press OK and confirm that you want to overwrite the current messages on your device with the backup ones.

Confirm restorationConfirm restoration

Tap again on OK.

Confirm default app changeConfirm default app change

Choose Phone Backup and Restore as the default application to manage SMS.

Select Phone Backup and Restore as the default appSelect Phone Backup and Restore as the default app

Once you’re done, use OK to go out.

Confirmed restorationConfirmed restoration

Your messages will have been restored. However, you still need to do something else. We refer to reset your device’s default message app. To do this, open the section Apps and notifications in Android settings and press Default apps.

Application options in settingsApplication options in settings

Tap on SMS app.

SMS appSMS app

Finally, choose the above application.

Restore default appRestore default app

In this way, you will already have all your messages on the new device. And if you don’t want to lose any of them from now on, you can always use Phone Backup and Restore as a regular backup tool.