How to organize your Telegram chats in folders

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Telegram is one of the messaging applications most popular in Spain. It is an application that has been known to make a gap among users in the slightly more than seven years that it has been on the market. It is an application that offers many customization options when using it, something that makes it especially versatile.

We can use it as a work application or even a notes app. Telegram allows us to organize chats in a way that is more comfortable for us. One of those ways is to create folders to have our chats divided in a way that we want.

Create folders for your Telegram chats

Telegram create folders

The creation of folders for your Telegram chats is something that gives you many possibilities, by being able to organize the chats the way you want. You can have a folder for chats that you have with family, another for work, another for friends, a folder for groups or channels … The options that it provides are therefore many, allowing great customization, in addition to being able to use the application in a way more efficient.

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left.
  3. Enter the Settings.
  4. Go to the Folders section.
  5. Click on Create new folder.
  6. Give the folder a name.
  7. Click on Add chats.
  8. Select the chats to add to it.
  9. Click on the blue button at the bottom to confirm.

With these steps we have created folders with which to have our chats organized. As we have mentioned, you will be able to create the folders you want (there are no limits) and include the chats you want in each one. Also, you can have a chat in more than one folder at the same time, in case you think that this chat falls into two categories, in case you are organizing your chats in categories, for example.

Having Telegram chats in folders is an option with which turn the application into a more complete tool, by allowing all kinds of divisions or organizations. You can divide between work and personal chats, for example, creating the most comfortable organization for you.

How to organize your Telegram chats in folders 1

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