How to optimize your use of Surfshark VPN for Android to the maximum

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There is little left to tell about the benefits of the VPN services available in the market. Is it so increasingly widespread driven by the restrictions and limitations imposed when using the Internet, so it is normal that we all have at least a slight idea of ​​what they offer: anonymous connection in front of our telephone provider, hidden data transfer to avoid giving clues about what what we are doing, access to geographically restricted material and many other advantages that are indispensable today.

The usual thing is to compare the different services in question of available servers, speed of the connection of those servers, operation of the VPN with the most popular multimedia platforms or jurisdiction under which it operates. And in that group there are different very similar alternatives, since they all perfectly fulfill their main task. However Surfshark offers a plus of possibilities in terms of security and privacy that you need to know well to get the most out of it.


There are 4 things that are not typical of VPN services and it makes all the sense in the world to include them in them. Surfshark VPN APK It does it and also includes all kinds of alternatives and possible adjustments.

Ad blocker

An ad blocker allows here to speed up the speed when you use a VPN connection. By preventing the loading of ads and trackers you ensure faster loads and faster browsing speedAlso, that nobody follows your steps and consequently prevents any potential malware inserted in an ad from affecting your device.

All you need is to visit from the bottom menu of the Surfshark interface the section Features and move the first switch to the right CleanWeb. When you see it in green you can confirm that the function is active.

Activate the function to block ads and trackersActivate the function to block ads and trackers

Black and white list

Whitelists and blacklists allow the user to screen things, in the case of Surfshark they allow you to screen which pages should be accessed using the VPN and on which other pages it is not necessary, or in which apps the VPN should be used and in which do not. In the same section Features available from the lower menu the Whitelister is the second entry. Tap on it to access its functions:

Whitelist accessWhitelist access

Inside you will see two options. VPN bypass as its name suggests, it allows you to skip the restriction. When you move the switch, you will see two menus, one for apps and one for the web.

Allows access to websites or appsAllows access to websites or apps

When selecting the apps, all the apps installed on the device are listed in a list where you will have to mark the ones that you want not to use the VPN.

List of apps that use VPNList of apps that use VPN

Websites allows you to enter web addresses. Of course, you will have to manually type each of the addresses.

Inserting a website in the whitelistInserting a website in the whitelist

Route via VPN it works in the same way but in reverse, with which only one of the two options can be activated simultaneously. It is already a matter of your needs how best to adjust this black and white list of web pages and applications.


Security flaws are more common than one would like, and in them the data of thousands of email accounts are usually exposed to the world, which could allow anyone with that information in their power to sneak into all the services and platforms that use with the same registration data, which you should never do. There are different tools that allow you to check if any of your addresses has been compromised in any of these security flaws so that you at least have the option to change the data such as the password as soon as possible. You can check this information directly in the app, just press this entry on the device Features that we are analyzing. If your personal information seems leaked in any database, you will know it immediately.

Activate alerts against data leaksActivate alerts against data leaks


Web browsers usually offer an incognito mode of navigation with which to search and navigate through pages that we do not want anyone to know. Those incognito modes aren’t always as accurate as they should be. Surfshark offers its own incognito mode to ensure that your searches and pages visited are truly out of the question.

Apply an effective incognito mode to your browsingApply an effective incognito mode to your browsing

A few final adjustments

If you look at the same lower menu of functions, the last section is Settings, where classic settings for every app are included. However, in the case of Surfshark there are still some configuration functions around here that interest you if, as we said, you want to make the most of the VPN and what it offers. We are mainly interested in two sections, that of Connectivity and that of Advanced.

Advanced functions in settingsAdvanced functions in settings

The section Connectivity it has two very important settings. First function Auto-connect, which basically avoids us having to manually activate the VPN, although you must bear in mind that this implies that Surfshark must have access to your network traffic. All you have to do is toggle the corresponding switch and accept this condition in the pop-up window to activate it.

Activate the automatic connection optionActivate the automatic connection option

By doing this you can adjust some additional preferences, such as ensuring the connection to the server faster at all times or the operation of the function depending on whether you use mobile networks or Wi-Fi networks.

Auto connection setting preferencesAuto connection setting preferences

Finally the function Kill switch it is all life insurance for the user. If you activate it, you make sure to deactivate the Internet connection in case there is a drop in the VPN connection, ensuring that your information is not compromised at any time. You can also extend this behavior to whitelisted web pages and apps, which is highly recommended.

Activate the Kill Switch functionActivate the Kill Switch function

So that a VPN works well is not so much just download and install the file correspondent. It is necessary to pay attention to all possible configurations and check that they are working correctly once activated. Only if you know what you are doing will you be able to achieve the ultimate goal of its use: to be a ghost on the Internet whatever you do and enjoy the freedom you always dreamed of.