How to open and read EPUB files on Android

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EPUB files allow you read your favorite books electronically. But it is not the only benefit they offer. Like paper publications, they support underlining, annotations and bookmarks. Unfortunately, to open a file with these characteristics you will need a specific application. In this article we will tell you how to open your favorite e-books in EPUB format with your Android mobile. To help you do it yourself, we explain how to use two of the most recommended ebook readers of the moment step by step and how to configure them so that the reading experience is completely personalized.

How to open and read epub files on Android with Google Play Books

Google Play Books is the application that gives access to the Google e-book store. However, it is also a good ally when it comes to opening and reading EPUB files downloaded from the internal memory of the device. If you do not have this tool pre-installed, use the download link that you will see right here.

Once installed on your device, go to the file explorer to locate your EPUB file. Click on it to continue.

Open EPUB from the file explorerOpen EPUB from the file explorer

Open the file with Google Play Books.

Select Google Play BooksSelect Google Play Books

Wait for the file to upload to the cloud. Then, click on its thumbnail to start reading.

Start reading in Play BooksStart reading in Play Books

If you want to change the reading parameters or the appearance of the interface, click on the page you are reading. Next, tap on the icon Aa that you will see in the upper right corner of the screen.

Reading optionsReading options

Then modify the reading experience to your liking.

Modify font other parametersModify font other parameters

One of the advantages of Google Play Books is that all the changes you make in the EPUB will be synchronized on all your devices thanks to Drive.

How to open and read epub files on Android with Lithium

If the use of Google Play Books doesn’t convince you, don’t worry. There are very solvent alternatives. It is the case of Lithium, a simple reading application, but very complete at the same time. Again, you can download it for free and safely through the link that we attach here.

In this case, you don’t need to locate the EPUB in the file explorer. Lithium takes care of scanning all storage for e-books. When finished, just tap on the cover to start reading.

Start reading on LithiumStart reading on Lithium

Tap on the text to see more options. At the top right is the interface configuration button.

Lithium read settingsLithium read settings

Adjust the options to your reading needs.

Modify interface appearanceModify interface appearance

In this case, all the changes you make in the EPUB will not be saved in the cloud. In fact, if you delete the application they will disappear. To avoid this, there is a Pro version of Lithium that it does allow to do so. If this feature is essential for you, we recommend that you purchase it.