How to move all photos to another gallery

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Table of Contents

Not everything is eternal in this life. Google, perhaps allowing itself to be influenced by the strategy of other brands in the sector, radically changes one of its services. Google Photos becomes paid, so we can already get used to the idea that we will not enjoy your gallery as before. As a solution, it is possible pass all photos on Google Photos to another platform.

The company itself, knowing that this could happen, provides a method with which we can migrate all the photos and videos that we have on the Google platform. Thus, it allows us to pass all that content to another gallery or other cloud services. We are going to indicate step by step the process to follow.

Google Photos
Google Photos

Google Photos is paid, now what?

It is something that Google has announced to implement it throughout the image and video service. On closer inspection, the change is not as traumatic as you might think. There is no total veto for not paying for the service, it is simply no longer possible store unlimited photos and videos and at no cost.

pass photos google photos

Google keeps covering that 15 GB voucher that, when we overcome them, is when we have to pay to enjoy more space. Every photo, whatever its quality, counts towards consuming that free bonus, so there are no more exceptions to continue enjoying unlimited freedom. However, all content that has been uploaded to date does not count towards this bonus, and will continue to remain stored in the gallery

How to migrate photos to another platform

As it is understood, all this is part of a plan to improve the service and limit the huge amounts of files that are uploaded per day. It is true that Google offers that 15 GB bonus for each Gmail account created, but it is a process that is not worth practicing every time we reach the limit of space. Therefore, it is better to have everything in a second cloud service.

  1. We access the page of Google Takeout, a website designed precisely to transfer the different data of its services. This part of the process can be done both with the PC as with our Android terminal.pass photos google takeout
  2. After logging in, we scroll down until we find the Google Photos service, which is the one that interests us. First of all, you have to click on “Unmark all” to just leave Google Photos selected.
  3. Once the service is selected, two options are unlocked. The “various formats” is simply and plainly informative to show the formats in which Google is able to export files. That of “All photo albums included” It is used to select the amount of photos we want to export, divided by albums.pass photos google takeout albums
  4. Once finished, we go to the bottom of the page to click on “Next step”. Another screen will appear to determine the delivery method, as well as the size or format of the file. This step is important, since in the first option we can choose to have the file sent to us by email or add it to another service cloud like Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.
  5. With everything already configured, click on “Create export”. From there, Google begins to gather all the files and to output the export. Depending on the number of albums, this may take hours or even days, so we will have to be patient. The last step is to download the compressed file along with all our photos when Google advises us.pass photos google takeout export
  6. With those photos already unzipped, it is time to choose the site to transfer photos from Google Photos to another platform. If it is in another cloud service, we can choose options such as Amazon Photos, Dropbox or OneDrive.