How to measure noise and decibels on Android

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Thanks to smartphones, today it is possible to perform certain measurements for which previously it was necessary to purchase a specific tool. It is the case of the noise and decibel measurement. By using applications developed specifically for this purpose, it is possible to find out what level of noise is occurring in our environment. Do you want to know some of them? Keep reading because we show them to you.

How to measure noise and decibels with the Noise Meter

Noise meterNoise meter

Noise Meter is the first of the applications that we recommend. All you have to do to start measuring the noise is open it. You will immediately see on the screen the number of decibels caused by the sounds around you. In addition to measurement, it has some additional options that are worth noting:

  • Real time graph of noise level.
  • Ability to change the chart color and toggle between bars and lines.
  • Zero reset button to restart the measurement.
  • Pause button to stop the noise measurement.
  • Function to record measurements in a TXT file.

If you want to use it, you can download it for free using the link that you will see on this page.

How to measure noise and decibels with Splend Sound

Splend Sound MeterSplend Sound Meter

Splend Sound follows the pattern of the previous application. Decibel measurement begins as soon as you open the application. It also has some features that we would like to mention:

  • List with equivalents of known sounds in decibels. For example, 100 dB is what a motorcycle produces.
  • Graph that is updated in real time.
  • Indicators with the minimum, maximum and average of the measurement session.
  • Reset button.

To use Splend Sound on your mobile, download its APK safely using Malavida’s servers. Click on the download button that we attach to you.

How to measure noise and decibels with Melonsoft Sound Meter

Melonsoft Sound MeterMelonsoft Sound Meter

Finally, we talk about Melonsoft Sound Meter. Again, we stumble upon a very simple and minimalist tool. The noise measurement begins as soon as you run the application. Even other remarkable features like these:

  • More than four themes with which to customize the appearance of the application.
  • Calibration function.
  • Pause button to stop the measurement.
  • Possibility of keeping the screen always active.
  • Indicators with the minimum, maximum and average of the measurement session.

Using the download button that you will see below, you will be able to obtain the installer of this application quickly and reliably.

Other sound level meter apps for Android

In addition to the three options that we have just presented with which you can measure the sound around you, there are other apps that contain similar functions, you do not have to limit yourself to these. Obviously we have recommended them because we believe they are the best, but perhaps you may be looking for an additional function, or you have detected a problem with the precision of the measurements … Do not worry, take a walk through the list with the best apps to measure noise and search among the alternatives. The assumptions are many: annoying neighborhood noises, musical applications of all kinds … Having a sound level meter in the palm of your hand has never been easier than now.