How to master the Grind game mode

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Table of Contents

Grind may be a new mode in CoD Mobile, but it really is an old classic from the franchise itself. If you have not yet launched into the experience or just want some tips on how to win, here are some of the best tips to master the mode (both at the strategy level and the classes), as well as knowing all the information about this mode of fast-paced game.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

What is Grind mode

First introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grind stood out as one of the most unique experiments of that iteration. The mode was only available through custom matches and the same was done in 2016’s Infinite Ward as well.

grind mode cod mobile how to play

Now, it has also made the leap to CoD Mobile. The mode is a mix between Confirmed Kill and Hot Spot with a key emphasis on objective-based play. Each enemy drops their dog tags upon death, similar to what we found in Confirmed Casualty. Although in Grind, you must collect these plates then take them to the marker of your team’s objectives on the map, while in Confirmed Loss it was only worth picking up the plate left by the eliminated enemies.

How to play this CoD Mobile mode

The most important thing to remember in Grind is that less is often more. Sure going to a kill and collecting 10 plates at a time can be an eye-catching way to play, but it is not the most effective. If you have a big streak and die near the enemy base, you’ve essentially done the job for them. All the badges that you have accumulated in the course of the game, fall at his feet.

Instead you should focus on smaller amounts. Find a handful of badges and return to your target as often as you can. Obviously not for every casualty, but try to do so after a not very extensive number of casualties.

grind cod mobile game mode

On the other hand, but not least, class is absolutely vital. You have to choose it wisely, since, for example, there is no reason for a sniper to be running in the middle and collecting badges. Therefore, you should be careful what you wear and try to play with it.

SMGs should be out front leading the classes when it comes to collecting badges. These are very useful weapons for medium and short distances, with great handling and that allow us to get out of distressing situations in places where an assault rifle would have trouble maneuvering.

Meanwhile, ARs can be further behind the base protecting allies and eliminating opposing players. The same can be said for snipers in this role as well, positioning themselves in areas further away from the center of battle.