How to manage Twitter notifications on Android

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Table of Contents

Good management of notifications on Android It is important, for which there are a multitude of tricks to consider. Although also being able to manage the notifications of the applications is something of importance. Twitter is an application that many users in Spain have installed on their Android phones and that emits many notifications.

For this reason, good management of them is important, to prevent Twitter notifications from becoming too heavy or annoying. In the application itself we can manage them in a simple way, although unfortunately, they do not yet have a mute option like Facebook and Instagram.

Manage Twitter notifications on Android

Twitter notifications

Social networks are applications that emit a lot of notifications on Android, at least on a regular basis. This is something that many users are bothered by, since they do not want to receive so many notifications on the phone. If you are a Twitter user, surely at some point you have thought about reducing the number of notifications. The good part is that in the application itself you can manage which ones to receive and which ones not. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Twitter on your Android phone.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes.
  3. Go to Settings and privacy.
  4. Enter Notifications.
  5. Enter Push Notifications.
  6. Select for which cases you want to receive notifications on Android.

If you want better management of notifications in the application on Android, you can also use the option called Quality Filter, which we are in that Notifications section. What it is in charge of doing is filtering these notifications, selecting those that are of a higher quality, that is, they have greater importance or relevance to your account. So you will have fewer notifications on your phone, receiving those that are most important.

These two options act as a good tool for reduce the amount of notifications that Twitter broadcasts on Android. In this way, fewer notifications will be issued on the phone, making the application less annoying at all times, precisely what was being sought in this way.

Disable email and SMS notifications

Twitter email notifications

On the other hand, Twitter issues more types of notifications. Since the social network can also send notifications by email or SMS, if you have these options enabled. This is something that for many is annoying, if every day you receive several emails from the social network with a notification. Also, if you have your phone number associated with your account on the social network, notifications are issued through this method. It is best to decide if you want to have them active or select in which cases to receive one, something possible by following these steps:

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes.
  3. Go to Settings and privacy.
  4. Enter Notifications.
  5. Go to SMS Notifications and proceed to manage or deactivate.
  6. Enter Email notifications and manage or deactivate this option.

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