How to manage the privacy options for each app in Windows 11

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When using any type of computer equipment, including a Windows 11 computer, it is very important to pay special attention to the privacy of personal data. Thus, It can be prevented that certain applications, games or programs installed in the operating system can access sensitive parts of the computer, including access to private areas of the disk or to computer components.

However, this is something that You should not worry too much with the vast majority of applications and games that you have installed on your computer if you have already updated to the new Windows 11, it is quite easy to modify the privacy and security settings for each app.

How to manage privacy settings in Windows 11

As we mentioned, With Windows 11 a small tool has been included in a somewhat clearer way through which it is possible to easily manage the privacy options for each application installed in the operating system. In this way, by being able to choose the permissions for each one, you can ensure at all times that your privacy remains safe.

How to manage the privacy options for each app in Windows 11 1 How to manage the privacy options for each app in Windows 11 1

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To do this, all you have to do is go to the application Setting Windows, accessible from the start menu. Once inside, on the left side you must to select Privacy & Security inside the menu, and finally at the bottom, you will find a section called Application permissions. In it, you should see different categories of permissions that can affect your privacy, including location, camera, microphone, and many more categories.

Privacy permissions for applications in Windows 11By accessing each type of permission, you should be able to see some more information about it, as well as the applications and games installed on the PC that are accessing it. In this way, just you must deactivate everything that you prefer not to use in order to avoid exposing unnecessary personal data.