How to make your Samsung mobile discoverable offline

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How to make your Samsung mobile discoverable offline 1

To many users in Spain Have you ever lost your Android smartphone?. When your device is lost or stolen we can resort to various applications or tools available, with which to find it. Samsung has its own application or service, with which to find your phone or other brand devices.

The Samsung application, integrated into the brand’s phones, improved significantly last fall with its new function: making it possible find your lost or stolen mobile even offline. Although for this to be possible we have to activate this option on the device.

Make your Samsung mobile locatable offline

Samsung activate search offline

Find My Mobile is the name of this Samsung application, which is integrated into the phone settings. Thanks to the application we can locate our lost or stolen smartphone, as well as being able to locate other devices such as brand wearables. Until a few months ago it was necessary for the lost phone to have an Internet connection to be able to locate it.

This new option represents an important change, since it will make it more likely to find that lost or stolen phone. In many cases this function is already activated by default, but if you have just installed the app you may have to activate it manually. The steps for this are:

  1. Open the Settings of your Samsung phone.
  2. Go to Biometric data and security.
  3. Go to Find my mobile.
  4. Look for the “Search offline” option.
  5. Activate this option.

By having this function activated, you are already giving the possibility that your mobile will also be able to be found when you do not have an Internet connection in it. This is especially useful if your mobile phone has been lost in an area where the signal is bad, or at that time you did not have its Internet connection activated, for example. Then you will only have to enter the tool’s website to start the search.

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