How to make video snippets the same as Twitch

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An interesting function that is basically to compete with everything that the Twitch platform offers. But, in addition, it is a tool that greatly facilitates the dissemination of specific parts of a video on social networks, instead of sending the entire video or making a manual cut.


For those who do not know, what are video clips?

It’s a new way to share a video clip without the need to download and edit it and more precisely than with the sharing parameters that have already existed for years. We have had something similar on YouTube for a long time, but it was more designed for PC and in Android you had to modify the link to insert the exact minute, being much less intuitive. Unlike point-in-time links, YouTube clips are snippets of a video that loop and stay in your library.

cut video clip youtube

They are like a kind of GIFs, but related to the video we are watching, which also facilitates its sharing due to the smaller size it occupies. Once you create a clip, you can share it with other people, who will see that it is a fragment of another video, being able to see the entire original video easily.

How to make a video clip on YouTube

This way is somewhat related to the one we have mentioned and which has been present for several years. And it is that the operation of these clips is based on the fact that they are not obtained in video format to share it on networks, but rather generates a link with the URL of the video and that will show the fragment that we have adjusted. This is what appears both on WhatsApp, Twitter or anywhere else where we share the clip.

Therefore, the difference is not in the what, it is in the how. The way to generate these fragments is very well thought out and is very simple to do. The steps are very simple, but they have very interesting details to take into account and that we can review:

  1. With the YouTube app open on our mobile phone, we start to watch a video as we do normally or routinely.
  2. We already know that just below the video there is a bar with various options. In them, we can comment on the video, share it, save it in favorites, etc.make clip video youtube
  3. In that same bar, we will see scissors with the name of »Clip», which is the function that interests us.
  4. When pressed, a thumbnail of the entire video opens where we can adjust with two sliding arrows the fragment we want to send to someone in particular. In principle the bar adjusts automatically in 15 seconds, although it is fully customizable.
  5. Once the fragment is established, you must leave a title for said clip, which is mandatory and is stored in our user account. When we click on »Share clip», the contextual menu always appears to share the link in any of the compatible apps.

share clip video youtube

On the one hand, we must emphasize that, unlike Twitch, this tool can be used both live and in videos directly published on the platform. However, it is not a function for all videos in the world world, as it is the channel owner who decides whether to activate it or not, being the channel ‘Creators Inside‘one of the first to do so. It is a good measure given the threat that it can pose to the monetization of the original video, since with a couple of steps we can get the complete video without even downloading it.