How to make pictures 3D in Facebook from 2D pictures

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Because by very odd that now, Facebook will continue to publish photographs, and the editor of the app offers more functions for retouching images. On this occasion, let’s see some examples to better visualize the way to convert a normal photo into 2D, to a three dimensional perspective.

What are you thinking?

It is not a direct question, but that is where we have to handle when we enter in the app of Facebook. Once there, we looked down on a small arrow that points up, and we pull it with our finger. You will see the option “3D Photos” that will take us to the gallery to select a particular image.

Automatically, our photo will be normal to have a three-dimensional appearance, thanks to the engine edition of Facebook. Complete the short process, we already have our creation list for all of our followers to see, and with a simple flick of the finger, or by turning the mobileyou can see the optical effect that makes the image.

With this we would be finished the job, but be careful, because in some the effect is not achieved completely, and in others, there is no 3D effect directly. This latter occurs because, as says the editor, not any image serves, it is not the same a great landscape that an object in focus from near.

Not everything is worth to be 3D

To achieve this vision, three-dimensional, we must take into account that the program costs to collect the information from certain situations. In fact, the photo must be of an object that not show transparency as the plasticor have parts reflective.

How to make pictures 3D in Facebook from 2D pictures 3

On the other hand, the images with over-exposure may give rise to a 3D effect worsened, with a visible decrease in the quality of the same. Another case that we must avoid is to grasp an object of large dimensions or it’s something long, because I can not pick up the object in its entirety.


It is true that there are many limitations, but we have to bear in mind that it is a built-in function of Facebook, not an app-independent. The best examples of a perfect photograph for this effect are small objects close to the camera with a background to give depth to the image, and if you can be with natural light, the better.