How to make money on TikTok: the best methods

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TikTok make money

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the world, especially among the younger audience. It is a platform in which a lot of money moves and in which many seek to make money. Therefore, many users seek to know how to make money on TikTok. This is something we are going to talk about in this article.

We leave you below with the best ways to be able to monetize this application. If you wanted to know how to make money on TikTok, surely some of these options or methods that we present to you will be helpful in this process. Especially now that the app has become one of the most popular platforms on the market.

Trends change rapidly on TikTok, so the methods that worked for a long time (such as making money singing or dancing) are something that works less and less in the well-known app. This means that going forward these methods may not always work or be less effective. But if you are looking to earn money in the app today, surely they will be of help to you.

Live broadcasts

An account that broadcasts live is one of the best ways to monetize a channel on TikTok. As in other platforms, doing live broadcasts is a way to get coins, coins that our followers buy and that are a kind of reward for our work. So if you do a good live broadcast, on interesting topics or at the right times, it is a good way to get a lot of coins.

Being able to broadcast live in the app has a series of limitations that must be taken into account. On the one hand, it is necessary to be over 18 years old, you also need to have more than 1,000 followers on the platform. That is why this may be something that we do after a while, as we grow on the platform. Of course, if you do a live, you should not break the rules of the platform (such as inciting hatred or publishing inappropriate content).

Quality content

TikTok content

How to make money on TikTok? The first thing we have to do is offer good content on our channel on the platform. Videos of many topics can be uploaded on the platform, but it is important that you choose something in which you know that you can always offer good content. Topics like humor are complex, because it is something especially subjective, but there may be a type of humor that more people like and that is what you focus on. It is therefore important to choose something in which you can show your abilities and that is also something that can be made viral in the app.

In addition to the content, editing your videos is of great importance. Users in the app like to watch well-crafted videos, which have good editing, good camera effects, which keep us hooked at all times. Therefore, you will have to make use of professional video editing applications, which will be the tools that help us create quality videos and thus be able to gain followers on the platform little by little.

Secondly, the language we use is also something of importance in this sense. This is something that applies to any video, but especially if we are going to answer questions or give tips or advice, it is important that we use language that is accessible and understandable to anyone (both adults and young people). Also, you have to avoid using bad language as much as possible, you can say once in a while, but carefully. These types of aspects are something that will help attract brands to your profile, so that you can earn money on TikTok.

TikTok Creators Fund

TikTok content creators

TikTok has taken notice of what YouTube does and offers content creators the ability to earn money from their video views. This is the program called TikTok Creators Fund, to which content creators on the platform will be able to join. Although you have to be over 18 years old, in addition to having more than 10,000 followers on the platform, exceeding 100,000 views in the last month and complying with the community rules at all times. If you meet these requirements, you can join that fund on the platform.

If you’ve made any of your videos go viral and get millions of views, it is possible to earn about 30 euros per million views in the app. In addition, these types of actions help advertisers take interest in your account, so that it can result in collaborations with them, which is another income to take into account, because in many cases it can be converted into a fixed monthly income. The amount of money you collect will increase as you gain presence in the app.

If you want, you can be part of this TikTok Creators Fund, although first you will have to make your request. This is a process that can be done with these steps within the app:

  1. Open TikTok on your Android phone.
  2. Go to the profile page.
  3. There we click on the three horizontal lines displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Next, click on the option called Creator tools.
  5. Within Creator Tools, click on the last option TikTok Creator Fund.
  6. If we meet the requirements, the Submit Request button will appear in black.

Affiliate Links

As we gain a presence on TikTok, it is possible that brands contact us so that we promote your products in our videos in the app. This means a good income every month, especially if we have a good number of users and the products that we are going to promote are related to what we do. Since in that case, we can use affiliate links in those videos, so that people buy that product through us.

The affiliate link will allow us get a commission for every sale we have generated. That is, if we have put the link to a product that we have promoted and there is an affiliate link in that link to the product and several users buy it, the brand or the store knows that that sale has been thanks to us. Therefore, we have a commission for each unit sold of that product. If this is something that is done on a regular basis, it is presented as a good method to earn money on TikTok every month.

Build your brand

TikTok brand

This is an aspect that must also be taken into account if we want to make money on TikTok. The users who are most popular in this app have known how to create their own brand, and you should get this too. That is, what do you represent, how do you represent it and how do you want to convey it, how do you want others to perceive or see you. Having a clear identity, letting others know exactly what they can expect from you or your account, is something that will help you to have your brand identity.

For example, the brands or products that you are going to represent or promote on your channel have to be consistent with your brand image. You can’t present yourself as a gamer and then promote beauty products, especially if you have a mostly male audience, for example. You have to be clear about the image to be projected and look for products that align with it, so that a consistent image is projected at all times.

This brand image is something that will help you at all times to attract other brands that want to collaborate with you. They will see that you have a clear profile, that you convey well what you are in all your content and this works well. So it is another of those ways to earn money on TikTok, causing you to generate a lot of interest among the brands on the platform.

Know your audience


Another important aspect, related to the previous ones, is that you know your audience on the platform. That is, you should know in which countries the majority of your followers are, their ages or the gender to which they belong. Since this is something that will have a great influence on what you do, from the content you upload to the promotions or sponsorships you organize over time. Everything has to be of interest to that audience you have on TikTok.

You can see this type of data in your profile area in the app. In addition, there are also professional tools with which to know more about your audience in the application and thus work in a better way, because you will be able to know what type of content will work best with this audience that you have in your case.