How to make money on Facebook: the best methods

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Facebook report problem

Facebook is a social network of enormous popularity all over the world, with hundreds of millions of active users in it. This social network does not have the same monetization capabilities that others like Instagram or TikTok have, but it is another place to earn money. Although many users do not know how to make money on Facebook today.

Therefore, below We are going to show you how to make money on Facebook. Although in this app we do not have as many options to earn money as in others, it is presented as a platform that can be monetized in a continuous way and that can give good results in the long term. So you are interested in knowing the way in which it is possible to earn money in it.

Requirements to monetize on Facebook

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Facebook establishes a series of requirements when it comes to monetizing our presence in it. For instance, this is something that is only possible through a group or a page on the social network. You will not be able to use a personal profile to earn money on the platform. In addition, the social network has a series of monetization policies for partners, and it is here where we can see the rules and regulations that are established on the platform in order to earn money.

It is a series of rules that apply to the entire content on Facebook pages, events and groups. As you are going to see below, we find a fairly extensive list, but which we can summarize in a series of points in this regard. So you will know what is required if we want to earn money in the app:

  1. Create content on a supported surface (pages, events, and groups).
  2. Reside in a supported country.
  3. Comply with community standards.
  4. Follow the monetization policies established on the platform.
  5. Share original and authentic content (no fake news or hoaxes).
  6. Comply with the payment conditions.
  7. Monetize authentic interaction.
  8. Follow the conditions for groups, pages or events on Facebook.
  9. Comply with the regulations for governments.
  10. Connect with entities that comply with the standards.
  11. Develop a consolidated presence.

Can I monetize my page or group?

Facebook report problem

If you have a page or group on the social network, something you want to know in advance is if you can earn money with it. Luckily, the social network informs us at all times if we can earn money on a page, if it is possible to monetize it or not. This is something that is done through the Creators Studio tool on Facebook, an area for content creators on the social network. In it, users are informed if their page can be monetized or not. The steps to follow are:

  1. Accede to Creator Studio.
  2. Click on the Monetization tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Select the page you want to check if it can be monetized.
  4. Click Apply.

Then a page will come out where we are told if we can earn money with our page. If the icon on the screen turns green, we are ready to monetize that page on Facebook. Yellow indicates that there may be some downsides, so it’s best to work on them before you start monetizing. While the color red will tell us that at the moment it is not possible to use our page to earn money on the social network. If you have that green color on the screen, then you are ready to earn money.

How to make money on Facebook

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How to make money on Facebook is a question for many group or page owners on the social network. The good news is that there are a number of methods that we can use if we want to be able to monetize a page or group on the platform. So surely there is some way that suits you well, either depending on the content that you upload in your account or the type of audience you have on that page or group, so that you can earn money.

There are several methods that will let us earn money on the social network. We tell you more about each of them individually, so that you know more about them and what they consist of, as well as being able to choose those that best suit what you need in your account in the app.

Ads on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to earn money on the platform. It is an investment with which we are going to give a boost in terms of visibility and reach to our publications on the social network, in addition to being something that works well. This method will allow you to reach more people outside your circle of followers, so you will be able to notice how your audience clearly expands on the social network, something important for the future.

Ads is also a very powerful tool, where we are allowed to tweak those ads a lot. We can plan them at all times, we can choose the audience we want to address (specifying in this case aspects such as age, gender, interests, educational level or many more), so that we reach a very precise audience. In addition, we can choose at any time when we want those ads to be published.

Also, we must not forget that Facebook is currently a giant in online advertising, so it is a place where it will be especially interesting to make announcements. Especially if we seek to expand the audience of our group or page. This is something that will translate into more income in the future, it is something that we must do at all times. Each page has a section where you can create your ads, so you can start trying this option.

Affiliates and promotions


Another method that works very well is affiliate links or products.. It is possible that you promote on your Facebook page a product of a brand that has paid you for a collaboration and that in that publication you put a purchase link to that specific product. That link will be an affiliate link, so that the brand will be able to see at all times that there are people who have reached that product thanks to your publication on Facebook and you may have generated sales thanks to your post.

In addition, it is also possible to promote products of various brands. A brand is going to pay you money to upload a post on your page on the social network where you are going to talk about one of its products. This is a sponsored post, which is something that can help people buy that product and you will be able to earn money this way. Since that brand is going to pay you for this sponsored post that you upload, in addition to being able to have a commission if you generate sales, for example. It is something that works well to earn money.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing works very similarly to affiliate marketing. And it is a good idea to use them simultaneously in order to maximize your profits. The main difference between referral and affiliate marketing is that the former is more personal, meaning you will have to be an active user of the brand you plan on promoting. While with affiliate marketing you can promote any product of the brand without the need to be personally involved.

A good example of referral marketing is the program that the passive income app Honeygain offers to its users. On this app, you can receive continuous profits from each person you bring through the referral program, as long as you and the people you bring are using the app.

So if you want to sign up for a referral program, make sure to choose brands carefully and decide if it is worth becoming a user in order to promote it.

Video Ads

How to make money on Facebook: using ads on videos you upload. This is a widely used method that works very well when it comes to generating income. These are short ads that are added to the beginning or end of your videos on the social network, before that content begins or just after it ends. It is another way in which you will be able to generate income on your Facebook page.

The social network is also capable of identifying natural pauses in the content, so that they will also know where to add these ads at all times. We, as owners of the page and responsible for these contents, will be able to choose also the locations of the same And color those ads where we think they will work better, for example, so that more people will see it or more will click.

The income obtained is somewhat variable, because it will depend on various factors. The number of reproductions of the video will influence the income generated, as well as the advertiser, since some companies will pay more than others to place their ads on your videos. This is an option that works especially in somewhat longer videos.

Sale of products or services

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Another option that many turn to in the social network is the sale of products directly on their pages. It is presented as another way to earn money, in addition to being another site where you can sell your products, if for example the page you have on the social network is that of a real store. This is a way that many turn to today, especially because it allows them to reach a wider and more varied and global audience, which otherwise would not have contact with this brand or store. So it is another way in which you can earn money on Facebook without too many complications, with your products or services. It is not something that everyone will be able to do, but it works well.