How to make a three-way call on an Android mobile

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How to make a three-way call on an Android mobile

In an Android mobile we have so many messaging apps and options to make calls Y video calls, group or not, that sometimes we overlook classic options to do the same, such as the call to three. That is, call several people with a normal call, without applications involved.

Just as it is possible to make a three-way call with a landline, you can do the same with an Android mobile, assuming that your operator supports it, which is usual. We tell you how can you make a three-way call with an Android mobile, Step by Step.

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Call several people with an Android mobile

On an Android mobile you have access to a lot of applications with which you can make all kinds of multiple calls, but there are times when you might be interested in making one call several people at the same time in a traditional way, without data and without applications involved.

Making a three-way call with an Android mobile is very easy, and the first step is to make a normal call to the first person. When you pick up the phone, you must press Add, to dial the phone number (or select from the contacts) the name of the second person you want to call.


At this point, the first person will be on hold and, according to your telephone operator, perhaps listening to a sweet melody. As soon as the second person answers the phone, you will have new options to manage this multiple call.

To make a three-way call, you must press To combine, which will create a conference call that the three of you can participate in at the same time. If you press Change, you will alternate between the two interlocutors, leaving the other on hold. Also, you can see the list of people on the call by pressing Manage.

Step 2

Once this is done, you will have your waiting call ready. Please note that we have used the application of Google Phone as a guide, but if your mobile has its own marker, some texts or buttons could be slightly different. This is the summary of the process for make a three-way call on an Android mobile:

  • Call the first person as normal.

  • When they answer, press Add.

  • Call the second person.

  • When they answer, press To combine.

  • When you’re done, hang up as normal.

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How to make a three-way call on an Android mobile

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