How to Make a Great Poké Ball Toss

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Table of Contents

You don’t have to be experts, so we already know the different types of releases we have to put into practice in the game. This will depend on being able to capture any creature with a simple Poké Ball.

Aspects to take into account to make the launch excellent

Niantic’s video game sometimes presents extraordinary difficulties when capturing legendary creatures; especially when it comes to awards in investigations and confrontations of Level 5 raids because they have a very, very low capture ratio (2-5%). Therefore, the better we do the launch, the more chances they will have to get said creature.

This is not a magic trick or a hack To catch Pokémon, it is simply a matter of taking advantage of the game mechanics. We talk about this type of launch, unlike the Good and Great type launch, increases between a 70% and 100% the probability of capture.

How to make the excellent Poké Ball throw

It goes without saying that the chances increase even more depending on the type of Poké Ball that is thrown and the berries that are used to endear the creature. These factors, combined with the launch, can give you up to a 14.45% chance of capture. But if we only use the Basic Poké Ball, that of a lifetime, these are the steps we must follow:

  1. The first step is touch the Poké Ball and do not release.
  2. Touch wait until the diameter of the circle is as closed and small as possible. At that moment, we release but without throwing the Poké Ball.launch poké ball pokémon attack
  3. The second step is wait to what the pokemon do the attack animation. We have to be patient, we simply wait for the Pokémon to try to attack.throw poké ball circle
  4. Just before the attack animation ends, we turn the Poké Ball and when the animation ends, we launched the Poké Ball. Of course, aiming at the pet, since the ball will be lost, spoiling the whole process.
  5. The circle is shown in that minimally open state, just like in the beginning before picking up the Poké Ball.

launch poké ball catch pokémon

In this way, we will guarantee that the throw is of the Excellent type, that is, the throw that takes place when the circle is as closed as possible.