How to know the number of affiliation to Social Security from the internet

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How to know the number of affiliation to Social Security from the internet

The Social Security numberdespite being habitually in the background, is a little less than our second ID. It is unique and never changes and acknowledge our inclusion in the Social Security system.

A basic identification for any Spanish citizen that allows us to be identified in our labour relations, also when we are given attention in the national health system and that we will need to perform certain procedures with public administrations.

The Social Security number and the membership number are exactly the same

That is why it is important to have it on hand and, if not what we have located, have this how can we ask the administration that we remember.

Applying for our Social Security number over the internet: step-by-step

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To get able to consult our membership number (NAF) on the internet we simply have access to the Electronic office of the Social Security from to the section Citizens you can find it on the menu, and then click on Reports and certificates.

In this section of the website we will see a long list of arrangements available. We will have to find and click on the process entitled as Duplicate document of membership. The drop-down that is displayed will inform us about the four ways to access the procedure: certified mail, username and password of the Social Security system, system Cl@ve, or through SMS.

We can visualize our Social Security number over the internet to identify us by certified mail, user and system password of the Sec. Social, system Cl@ve, or via SMS

This last method, probably the most handy because you receive a text message with the information directly in our terminal, we will only be able to use it if our mobile phone number recorded in the database of the Social Security.

In the remainder of cases, after identifying, the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security we will allow you to view and consult it immediately the duplicate provisional identity document, Social Security, or document of affiliation in case of having carried out activities involving supervision in any Regime of the Social Security, in which will appear the number of the Social Security accompanied by our name and ID card number. The document we will be able to download it in PDF format and/or print it.

If none of these methods serves us, we can always try to find him in payroll, documents of Social Security as a life work, prescriptions, health cards of the system of public health or by calling the telephone customer service of the Social Security.

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How to know the number of affiliation to Social Security from the internet

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