How to know the battery status on Android

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Android battery status

The battery is one of the most sensitive components on an Android mobile. It is a component that undergoes clear wear as we use our phone and it is not uncommon for it to end up suffering problems over time. Therefore, it is important that users can know the status of the battery in Android at all times. A way to control that everything is going well with your battery.

At present we have several ways to be able to check the battery status on our Android mobile. This is something that will help us make sure that everything goes well with said battery, as well as being able to detect problems. It can even be a way to detect problems before they start to cause a battery malfunction on your smartphone.

Because the battery is very sensitive, it is good to keep control of it and carry out some analysis or check from time to time, so that we know if everything is going well or not with it. There are a series of options that we can use on our phone when we want to check the status of the battery, so we can always choose the method that best suits what we need.

Secret codes on Android

Android secret code battery

Secret codes are a good help before all kinds of problems on Android. Thanks to them we have access to menus and functions hidden in the mobile, which in many cases allow us to activate some additional functions or analyze mobile components in search of faults. This is something that we can also do if we want to check the status of the battery in Android, since many mobile brands in the operating system have some code for it.

There is a secret code available that we can use in many brands of Android phones that gives us access to information about the status of the battery. This is something that not all users will be able to use, but it is presented as a good help in case you have questions about the battery status of your Android mobile, it is always a good option to turn to. You can use this secret code on your mobile with these steps:

  1. Open the Phone application on your mobile.
  2. Enter the code * # * # 4636 # * # * in the app.
  3. Without having to press the call button, a new menu opens on the screen.
  4. In the menu that opens on the screen, go to the option called Battery status (this name could be in English on your phone).
  5. Look at the state of the battery (it will tell if it is in good condition or not).

It is not possible to say for sure if this option will work on your mobile or not. Therefore, the best thing you can do is follow these steps and see if a menu appears where you have access to that information about the state of the battery or not. Your phone may not support this code, but secret codes vary by brand, so there may be one that fits what you’re looking for.

Charge cycles

Android battery status

Another aspect that we can take into account to check the status of the battery in Android is the charge cycles. As you already know, as we charge a phone, the battery will suffer wear and tear and its capacity will reduce, something that makes the mobile battery last less over time, something known to most. It is good to take into account the charging cycles of the battery of our phone, since if we have completed many charging cycles over time, it is normal that some wear will be shown on the battery of our smartphone.

It is estimated that the battery of an Android phone should withstand 2,000 to 3,000 charge cycles. The most normal thing is that from cycle 500 that wear begins to show in it. One method that many users in the operating system resort to in this regard is check which charge cycle your mobile is in. It is information that can give us an idea about the wear or the state of the battery in Android at that specific moment. Unfortunately, on mobile phones there is no native way to access this information on the phone, which forces us to resort to applications that are the ones that give us this information and will then tell us what charge cycle it is in. Battery.

AccuBattery is an application for Android that will give us this information. It is an application that we can download for free on our phone and among the data it provides is the charging cycle in which the mobile battery is located. This data will allow us to have an idea about the state of the battery and the level of wear it has suffered since we bought this phone. You can download this app from this link:

Battery status apps

If the secret code has not worked on our phone, we have another way to know more about battery status on Android. We can always resort to third-party applications, which will analyze the phone and its components, including the battery. Android does not have a native function that will give us information about the status of the battery, at least it is not something present in all brands and models in the operating system. The use of apps is presented as a way of covering said absence and allowing access to the information we need.

In the Google Play Store there are many applications available to analyze the battery of the mobile. There are a couple of applications that stand out above the rest in this regard, so they are the best options that we can turn to if we want to have data on the state of our mobile battery. We are talking about two applications in this regard.


Ampere app Android

Ampere is a well-known application to analyze the battery of our phone. This app is going to give us a good amount of information about the state of the battery of our mobile Android in a very simple way. It is one of the most used by users in the operating system to know if their battery of their phones is in good condition. As we have mentioned, it gives a lot of data, such as the battery percentage, the status of the mobile battery, in addition to the temperature, among others.

Ampere is an application that is available only in English. It has a really simple interface and the information on the screen is displayed in a very direct way, so that we will understand it easily and we will not have to be looking for too long. In addition, the analysis that is carried out to provide information on the status of the battery is completed in just 10 seconds. So you will hardly have to wait to find out more.

Ampere is an app available on the Google Play Store, where we can download it for free. This application has ads and purchases inside it, but we can perform this analysis of the state of the battery without having to pay money for it, so it is a good option to consider. You can download this application on your phone from this link:


Another app that we can resort in this field is CPU-Z. It is an application that many of you surely know, since it is one of the best options to analyze our Android smartphone in a comprehensive way, as well as its components. In this way, the app will give us a large amount of information about the mobile and the state in which it is. Among the data that you are going to provide us is information about the status of the battery.

CPU-Z leaves us with data such as the capacity of the mobile battery, its temperature or the state of it. While it is available only in English, the way this information is presented is something really simple, as it has a really easy to use interface. So no user in the operating system will have problems understanding this data. So in a very simple way you will be able to confirm if your mobile battery is in good condition or not. It will also allow us to see other information about the status of the phone, in case we want to know more about its status.

CPU-Z is an application that we are available in the Google Play Store, where you can download it for free. Inside this application we have ads, as well as purchases, but this analysis that tells us more about the state of your battery can be done without having to pay money. So you can download this app on your Android phones at this link: