How to know my phone number on Android

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Table of Contents

Not knowing the phone number associated with the SIM card of a device it’s not such a strange situation. For example, you may have just hired a new line and you have not been correctly informed of the numbering that has been assigned to you. On the other hand, it is also common to see yourself in this scenario when using various telephone numbers in work environments. In any case, here are some ideas to know your phone number from an Android device.

How to use the phone settings to find out my number

First, we show you the most obvious process. The first thing you should do is open the Android settings.

Open Android settings

Then, locate the section About Phone. Click on it to open it.

About my phoneAbout my phone

In the section Phone number You will find the phone number of the SIM card that is inserted in your terminal. Similarly, if you have a device with capacity for more than one card, you will see the number of each one of them.

Phone number in Android settingsPhone number in Android settings

Note that not all operators allow you to check the phone number in this section. If that’s your case, you will see the word Unknown.

How to use Navigon System Check Android to know my number

Despite being a somewhat old application, Navigon System Check Android does its job perfectly. Its download only takes 15 Kb and shows you, without frills, all the data on your phone, including the number of the SIM card. You can download this application using the following link.

Once installed, open it. On the screen, you will see a list with data from your phone. Almost at the end, you will find the section Phone number, from where you can check your number.

Using Navigation System CheckUsing Navigation System Check

How to use WhatsApp and Telegram to know my number

WhatsApp and Telegram are two messaging services that require our phone number to work. In the settings of both applications you can easily find your number.

In the case of WhatsApp, you just have to open the application settings and click on your profile image.

Open WhatsApp profileOpen WhatsApp profile

At the bottom of the screen, you will find your phone number.

Phone information on WhatsAppPhone information on WhatsApp

In a similar way, Telegram shows this information in its configuration section. Open it by tapping on Settings, in the side options menu.

Open Telegram settingsOpen Telegram settings

In the data regarding your profile, your phone number is included.

Telegram showing phone numberTelegram showing phone number

In both cases, this number corresponds to the one you used to register. If you have inserted a new SIM card, the information provided in this case will not correspond to that of the new line.

The ultimate method: ask a family member or friend for help

If none of the above methods have worked for you, you can ask another person to help you. It’s as simple as dialing your number in the phone app and initiating a call. In this way, thanks to the caller ID, the receiver will be able to see your phone number and send it to you without too much difficulty.