How to know if your Wifi is stolen from Android

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When we talk about someone stealing our Wi-Fi, we mean that an unauthorized person has connected to our network and is using it to perform their own tasks, such as downloading files, viewing videos on the Internet or browsing. There are several ways to discover an intruder on our network from Android. We tell you so that you can get out of doubt as soon as possible and you can definitely kick it out of your network.

What happens when someone steals your Wifi

Before entering the matter, it is necessary that we talk about what clues will confirm that someone is using your network without permission. The first, and the most obvious, is that the connection speed drops. If the user who has managed to access your network is making intensive use of it, it is very normal that you notice a significant drop in the data transfer rate. However, in order not to set off alarms unnecessarily, check that you have good coverage on your device and restart the router, to rule out other possible errors.

On the other hand, if after disabling the Wi-Fi of all your devices, the activity light of the wireless connection of the router keeps flashing, it is very likely that someone is using your network without permission. This is usually an unmistakable indication that an unauthorized user is inside your Wifi.

How to know if there is an intruder on my Wifi from Android without applications

The ideal way to check if there is an intruder on your network is using the configuration panel of the router itself. To enter it, you must access the IP (on some devices it may be and then enter the username and password.

Enter the administration panel of the routerEnter the administration panel of the router

Locate the section where all the devices connected to the network are displayed. In our case, it was necessary to follow the route Status / LAN / WLAN.

List of connected devicesList of connected devices

On this page, you can check if there is an intruder connected to your network. If you discover a device outside your circle of trust connected to your Wifi, copy its MAC address and go to the section on filtering devices by MAC address. In our case, the section is called MAC Filtering.

  Blacklist of devices on the routerBlacklist of devices on the router

Paste the MAC address of the device you want to remove from your network and save the changes. At that point, they will no longer be able to access your network. This is the most effective way to kick someone off your Wifi, since the MAC address is unique for each device and cannot be easily modified.

How to know if there is an intruder in my Wifi from Android with applications

There are some useful applications in these cases that help you detect intruders on your network. Next, we show you two that are sure to be very useful.


Fing is an application that analyzes the Wifi network and shows some interesting data about it, such as the number of connected devices. Once downloaded and installed, open it up and tap on Scan for devices.

  Scan devices with FingScan devices with Fing

In the list, look for devices that you do not own.

Device list in FINGDevice list in FING

When you have its MAC address, add it to your router’s blacklist to prevent it from connecting again.


This set of tools makes it very easy to detect unauthorized people on the network. This app is completely free and has no built-in ads. Once installed, when you open it, you just have to go to the section Discovery to see a complete list of devices connected to the network.

Details of connected devices in WifimanDetails of connected devices in Wifiman

This software is especially useful because, in a very visual way, it shows all the connected devices and gives you a lot of information about them. Of course, you will be able to know the MAC address of each one and proceed to the pertinent blocking in the administration panel of your router.

To avoid future attacks, change the password

Although it may seem that the default password is difficult for an attacker to discover, the truth is that it is a relatively simple task. Therefore, the ideal is that you modify both the name of the network and the password. You can do this by going to the router’s configuration area, in the same way that you did to view the list of connected devices. Only then will you prevent a user outside your home from accessing your home network.